Tammy Shows John There Are Many Songs That Spell Out The Words For You

Monday, August 20th


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Last week we brought it up on air. That that John was kind of poking and actually our inner John Jimmy's in the country top thirty same thing. About call country artists like to teach us how to spell present what is it with this. Can explain why 'cause you're like it and didn't like Luke Bryan. Well move move him a whole breed it and he got the newest from Florida Georgia line simple and I. As a kind enough to listen. Spell out simple for us as well and I brought up Aretha Franklin respect yes and I said there's lots of songs that have a spelling and in I've got underway a little harsh you you were right because it was a brilliant excuse of a brilliant example I had I have to Utica right so I put together some songs that they -- slats and you'll be shocked remembered the is. And I don't think you'd call any of them. Hokey except well I never said either of the songs Rickie you'll be shocked at remembering I think we know what it's going in this is all right I think we also know I spoke cola to but it comes up so here we go gore hadn't started John. Nice images continuous on this yeah well and you see where you can stop and got you okay. They. So that we don't have the typical or dispel OK now I don't give me that all right but let's move along to another one. They don't really get some classic rock in there. That's the band of them do you know the lead singer of them is I don't you can't tell by his voice I. Before he told the girls. Of the world rather about a brown eyed girl he was and cancer of the banned them that's been Melissa and it. Classic drug which until now I got okay keep going here's another line. I'll give you want a lot of them not only because I despise that song by John Mellencamp you know I do so that I think these balls are free and yes I am because. In high school show that's this on the they gave me to sing on stage of my friends to this day. What's up our city cares and you can let my favorite artists ever again give that song that's on them so I loved that's your right in my late belting out. Here Galveston island. You're really using the Big Easy roller. Because it has been going on that's what I'm trying to sing. It's. C. Lola and no not just one. I don't think that that. And we know that that's spelling and now but that's Morgan Le and the liberation like and no NA in it it's it's. They do it. Artist imagery forever is my point from from rock and roll artist pop artists to country right out and Aretha RE SPE CTC is all started a couple months ago when I point out the song move by the Brian my least favorite Luke Bryan is on because. MO VE. That can't putt and then its board George Lyon threw in there and in in this is why can't we schooling game PayPal plus great music that they spell and music at least. Are all over you worry welcome S senate and the BC rollers and had gone would you call that great music I would say that is fun music is what that is just I didn't save fund is a great. Oh look what constitutes great that's a personal look under. The division of great okay. A thousand dollars if you see any mention of these rollers and I don't think I'll see you mentioned a Bruce Springsteen either growing or is. This conversation. He doesn't go as well. He gives us credit as Americans.