Tammy Says Goodbye to Her Pool

Tuesday, June 28th


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Well unless your in laws are leaving your house no one likes goodbyes. And I knew we are about a year can be really good bye letter to a long friend longtime friend that she's do you think this is fundamentally crime and a crier in my eighteen you just money. 709 when John and Tammy in San Diego's number one from the country KS on. We do have a marine layer pretty anyway right now but mental sunshine before eighties at the coast. Mid nineties in my a lot of traffic issues everywhere as well until against have you with us in just minutes. Cleveland to your morning commute but peppers is just we have solo seeing devise some poignant old. Any yelling while. Good news. Yes I have a friend latest thing in iTunes I hope you don't mind and. A letter no I think this is the proper way all right. I. Goodbye my friend. With hi some blue. Holland last summer without shooting with a home to me and I'm. Surrounded. By snacks adults and some shots. Where warmed by your shining sitting in her favorite spots. You've been full of friends and my family and me our drinks may have spilled but never peace all kinds. Yours is a joy as a comforting cooler he had our approval and sometimes you drowned critters for swift removal. He kept us afloat stirring hot summer days full column issue we can't count the ways. What the gargoyles spitting and nice and warm water streams. Floating in U it was a beautiful dream. It's going to pull off. Fuel for serving missed. I think if you often. Mountainous. Jim is moving in and another thing about her pool and. Really that rhymes yeah I thought it MP especially now and. Coming critters drawing the. Only a few moles. Animals that are amazing hit. God never told me that long losing your yeah what happens everybody gets them every pull out the last couple more than maybe it was a good young guys you addressed this because I had to go to. Put the music back I. Real uncommon part of this is well. I'm glad that you didn't that you covered because I was very concerned. Well you moving without letting me know because you won't California. Women and go well guess what I found some new friends and make some real problems are the only two guys and there. We saw men and I'm pool is okay. I started doing something they. If you're right back new. As I call them replacement Sammy yeah. Exactly and you feel better get that idea so I am I do feel better. My you're really use the word pee in your prime did. And presents a I didn't. Already didn't they come and out all right that they're going time. Who were excited producers for the Icelandic soccer announcer the at night. Right here today. Upon you as always.