Tammy Calls John While He's On Vacation To Tell Him About Her Massage!

Tuesday, August 14th


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Okay so John has often have a glass on vacation. Meaning a here's your so so we're going to be triple in the very beginning but I'm just gonna keep adding nonstop normalcy he catches. Hello good morning. Gloria good hey you're three hours ahead of last year should be wide awake by now I want it all hang all right 'cause your vacation going. It's good is pouring rain here I guess which is getting to the last day sure sure sure can't solve what's been the best thing so far. What what what what we got going. I'll just because just now I'm stretching 'cause I feel so good because we just both got. Massages. So we figured that on since you were off having a blast on vacation we had to work so hard that. We would pamper ourselves today so we started with the most sizes. You've got a massage during the show. Oh yeah absolutely they bring the cheering you sit down they do you know everything what your legs are relieved. During the Asia yeah yeah I'm still going great and next up we're gonna get facials. And then you were gonna do manicurist. And Hamas I had her share for gonna have time for getting her hair cut or not but that's or planning on. So girls' night while you work that was early days while you work well you know you're out running around Hamilton not here in the world so we figured we would kind of the same. As well go to Syria before we do I get back now and it's work work work when your time Paris OK okay. I think you know we usually surprise you with like tarantulas so today I surprise Tammy within the my shirt so this. Exactly the same so yes and then especially when she kept telling me then we got the facial has come laying it and the manicurist remain in. So I think autism. And sure well music and culture as. If the so when you come back what kind of surprised would you like us to bring you. Well you don't tarantulas. Going into labor on the air earn I've been well actually you know I don't know holy watered boarding a whole lot of yeah. So yeah so you know ideally jackpot. Well bullets for something like dance you know we can't do but. They're enjoying our time I enjoyed my time thank you it's been very very nice not so relaxing. My sisters just don't. Agree with the having children don't make Asian share. So let's go go go go go run I I got to duel with a bunch of cool things to my kids back in my old house. And I put on FaceBook actually and. Yeah how can the house that built you're looking forward to hearing about that story when you come back on Thursday. Yeah and I had my mom my mom and dad have never been an innate but missed was really great. Legendary both right through Niagara Falls nice and so I got to watch him do that usually been it's been great moderate. Are possible safe travels back home and we may issue kind of I. Sir. Our new underwhelming episode right now clear period Nixon and look at panel see how we can't torching you once you get back John. Okay I'm sure we'll figure out all right we'll see on Thursday. Okay where we're trying to decide if Jesse just however may be on the show tomorrow to that would be kind of cool we play it back. Fingers costs. Up or wait till I get there have been doing some reading. Had the couple girls all like he owed anything all right hey you wanna tickets to what Kelly and I can traffic shot. Yeah it is generally in the same deal got a gritty and traffic center while thanks. How high done.