Tam Scam: The IRS Scam is Back!

Tuesday, October 17th


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I received this disturbing voicemail the other day and the reason I wanna share it. Is because this is and one that has been successful in getting people panicked. It happened to my oldest son. On it actually was a real person which you hear this who. Who called Lemond claimed he was an IRS agent my son was in a panicky didn't know or they sound so sophisticated and real on their badge numbers. But it's O'Leary's when it's actually computer. In a radio voice wait a second this sounds like another thrilling edition of. Only jealous. We could. She's not gonna rest until every scary is gone that's right don't ask what she's doing with the and that's that's an oil and other innocent. Let's check this out. It's his officer Jonathan Knight from IRS Internal Revenue Service only did notify you that more under federal investigation. Because of defrauding their unethical activity founded the audit report of your taxes you can reach me on 864. Try 132007. On trying to disregard the message. Or else it will be a commitment of sense from your side but again this is officer Jonathan Knight from Internal Revenue Service. Here for final and talks like that certainly threatens you don't try to ignore this and we will come after this and had a cracked me up because to me it was quite obvious it's a scam Piet. Maybe he's someone who doesn't know about it. Or if you get the ones were were actual people who are on the phone with you like they were with my son my older son is not. Don't you know that John he's a Smart kid. But he's like this is officer so it's a badge number yeah lie and your tax return was full of Fridays at what's in you always this much money and there's going to be a warrant out for your arrest. And that's when he put them on hold and called me. So but so does the exact opposite of that isn't a lazy scammer yet embraced. China doesn't really wasn't a computer generated noise and one speak proper English all right guys I just try calling the number that it. Yet in this and they went right to a automated thing saying that that phone number is unavailable goodbye yes exactly. So in other words give his number. So the stupid and lazy scammer. They give you a number that goes even award what do you suppose it was a skill of supposed to get wasting your time scam my guess is it was already disconnected that they leave it out there for awhile and then they discussing there they're anticipating you when did you get this yesterday. Two days to retreat is so they're anticipating you call my god I call right away act if they're there right then and. Pack up shopping. That absolutely OK yeah boy exactly what happened and it it's weird that sound is so authentic as much as I thought I thought the guy Aristide was outside your door let's check out again. This is officer Jonathan Knight from my RS remind us. Internal revenue sir thank you since it can notify you that more under federal investigation because of defrauding their unethical activity. Did you do I don't. Put you on it took until your tax forms I feel bad for the real officer John that the night that's out there yeah. Good and now. And again I just want to reiterate because it is scary when it is a real person claim rake in front of this went by it really is scary and it's happened also the elderly too because they believed was on the phone. And so we have to I just wanted to reiterate the iris does not call you and threatening they do not have arrest warrants out for you anything higher arrest does. That's important will be two certified mean surely and they certainly don't sound like this. Founded the audit report of your taxes you can reach me on 864. Try 132007. On trying to disregard percentage or else it will be a candidate of defense for your time. You know for NASA and those from your site is actually say it wrong now try to disregard the message war. It'll be taken indeed they had ever backwards it's like I'm trying okay they act like this hasn't happened right now you must do his legislative if it was ever jealous the iris they are all but we see you tonight. The whole hours what hobbies do it that's a great points that are generally how do we go all right Noah and you are on the case in my mind.