Talking to a Las Vegas Shooting Survivor

Friday, October 6th


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So our next caller wishes to remain anonymous and other returning back to work today for the first day. Since what happened in Vegas happened how are you. I'm looking at opening. Told UK okay. Is there. Anything particularly that you don't want your co workers to do when you get back to work this morning. I'm. You know everybody is you know. From get a lot of either believe in you know and you know control made it out but it. That Whitney an epitome of one or aren't you. My family keeping your pocket and we have only got yeah I've got hooked up all over I think everybody. And it's important. They eat out an entire. Well you know people are getting you know. How can I just don't know it. And they want to hear what they did how did it for what equipment and it works great middle of it. Where did. When we were really sticker election they went there. Didn't we pal. I got trampled. Replicate it we don't they act I keep reading. And didn't do not people that you're not cricket bat the other. Now that's okay you wanted to placed there to let that Alec and I think it's perfectly acceptable for you when you go into work today you set the tone. You can going music I think William questions but today I'm not rated talk or if you do if they need to ask questions you say okay. I just be prepared that it's gonna be upsetting so it's it's up to you set the tone on what you need and I don't totally understandable especially because you know it was lake. It was like right out of a movie opposite to Austin Tammy into is just producer's death and meet. It's still kinda is because we work very you lived did you were there then you do whatever you need to do. And that my partner and I didn't get up and immediately person. The op Ed that that tests are open but no I don't are what we went through it. Yeah. Eight. Poland to really petty matter I don't have to call it. Do you have do could you go to your boss and you get there as it was and I can't do this right now I think she done she or he would understand. I don't I went in and tell me that but it's one thing I went in and I feel like I. Installation. Located anywhere. And you're not you are victim and I mean it was it was a very traumatic experience. And arms so you know way if you feel like you have to go and going and set the set the tone and if he can't do it you know what that's what they make mental health days for that's what they did make six days for him by the way it's okay to be happy and thankful he didn't get hit yes it is. I think that all of my corporate. You know look. At everybody that was around and you know you can't hear in that spot we all read. So does he seem all that spot outlawed capital. Trooper spotted at six hours here. Where people didn't. Get it to people. It oh. I don't. We don't know you I don't think. I know you are remain anonymous I'm just gonna go I'd say this and please will be offended I don't think you radio back to work I think he needs more time for you. Yeah. My favorite I. Already back to where I I I try to. Like any OK in the pool. You are OK you are strong I also want to remind you two would 211. Number that you can utilize. To talk to a professional to. Who can help me out and give you I mean. You know John and I think of giving you really good advice but you know it's always good to talk to someone who actually has a certificate after their name and it it's okay. It takes strength to say I can't do this to. It's okay to do that. And I don't know how to battle I. I don't know what I get eliminated and it started Dominic it. Yeah. Oh. You're going to be crying for a long time we all are I just did what you take your view and that's the most important thing your boy from would agree your family would agree. Your job can wait. Well we love you. Try to hang in there. And it's tough.