Tales From the Playground

Tuesday, April 25th


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Yes stuff started the story yesterday is a little four year old birthday party. Some kid shows up not guests helps herself to some cupcakes and I did ask. She asked me I said go ask your parents where your parents in the parent just stayed on the bench never came over and said honey I'm not our party which. What parents should do prying eyes and and then and then the parents and you never details we have plenty of food she can stay so we can all see some cute. Well after he says ask your mom and human gossip cup gig anyway. Right and I CS first second cup gig as a ghost are one per person and I. Her credit for asking you see what she did the right she asked yeah so she was she wasn't terribly rude there and she's only four cylinder assuming your four year old mussina keyed a cupcake your Digg and if you want some of that diligent well here I'm not for I still want some sometimes. In San Diego a lot of birthday parties are held outdoors at public parks so. I think the question out there you get to experience something funny and other kids like your played with your kids that the playground share that with us believe our number 619570. Number 1973. Hi Sean and alcohol is going on. When your car and you're trying to ensure that your it and they're rotten he would bet it'll your pictures or. Yeah. And your etiquette. And could put the total bomb amendments. I. I don't let me all right let's take a picture of you know you're Diana did and got up I'll just a family picture honey pot came out on another front and go find your mama daddy they had the camera that can affect. All. Of my hair you know argued. Not pretty you know because. I can't. Loan well you know like I. And probably need need that edge right around there and Rupert well. And he. I don't. In this. So it and then when do you finally just kind of say OK listen you need to leave in your not just in your life as well I'm tired. Yeah. LY. And I know the mobbed her and now. You don't like that. Well it's at least yours isn't OK eagle is parents say hey yeah I only got stuck pig ears Souter or arrives adopting your child. An apartment early. I don't want it and I don't hold on the. Exactly. All right thank you so much they care RL article remain in San Marco sharing your story Maggie. I I don't implement them play around in my low suns not playing in the jungle gym and I'll try and I eager to self start sharing her soccer with the pepper and why. I don't know and Ollie. And she's in Malaysia I some. Don't we get out. Now I yeah about but you know you. Took. All right take care are a little more I think you buy a cleaner having a sucker than does that you know. But in kids' fingers in their mouth that's even missing girls are right I don't. My kids are always like Graham and you know. Tales from the playground and it's a good manager here's whenever I don't think this topic is ever going away. And those who what is wrong with some parents Manuel.