Tales From The Laundry Mat: John Gets Judged!

Wednesday, July 18th


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Well in a in a year or so of changes in my life one of the least romantic or. Least and glamorous changes is that I have to little laundromat in a laundry kind of there's positives and negatives and that causes you get all done it wants which I. I had is a laundromat in a while it's I want to go out and visit my daughter and I decided that would be one of the things I would do for her. A little kids and immediately. And I love them like olestra animal Don. I hadn't had experts that are positive here on your rights and thank you yeah there's two idols and ideals of hopefully on used washers and dryers and I can get all your stuff done quicker. That is. It positive. Of the laundry I think now you also gnome. And yes you know I've got some quirks. Among one of the many quirks I happen to continue making a very gigantic belong book called John quirks okay. But will chapters would be how I liked hanging dry my closer. For help for for the environment feature and rules it is better for your clothes if you you're close to last longer by the way don't drive them aired try to keep my drivers eat is that good. Were exported tumbling because that it rots forever anyway. So there was these two girls are there wash their comfort I'm minding my own business as they always do enlargement guides and I hope it's all. You know your arsenal there's the general Ali because the credit I talked a lot but what's. Less than a larger may remember a guy is forced into conversation all is easier to quit nicotine heroin yes so larceny and I. I keep myself here at the launch and I understand and I don't but I'm watching him kind of sicker and older talking by here's the Al Michaels going to. And I I hiking dries attain those carts with the with the rats across the top in the basket weave through your stuff. And it probably hangars there might close or when my shirts are done I hang my my teachers in there looking mean. And they actually said you know there's dryers here right and lake yes thank you aware of that you know trying where they young. Younger. But you'd shortly. It would children. They were they were old enough to be able to drive the laundromat go to a bar or when their clothes washing in and come back and there's a bar airlock to read other the bar right next door. Oh why are just as well this afternoon I'm really not my thing people's party walking right. There it gated your stranger in the mile equals party don't know what time of day it is and so dark yeah I mean yeah so late in jones' time and okay. And look at the supposedly being the laundromat having a drink it wanted in the afternoon that would have helped but that's like 5 o'clock to most people for a let's deal aka I don't know. Anyway just judging what they were yesterday hot. Ink dried area over here I was laying there and they're making fun of me that was my man my day it's being mocked and a laundromat by two younger. They just don't know any better they'll learn after you know that they damage all of their delegates in the washing machine and dryer had to have a confession to make. I was I was so. That was hiding by the excellence which it's why it went. What I recognized me at 400 golf. I'm proudest moment of damage I just love loved. And you have to do there Andre giant no and it eventually have a place it's big enough for a washer and drug addict I don't know does that wash turn turn unknown that I just I reached a place and mail reported it to battle argument at all. But I'm getting I'm getting it's a pride thing it's stupid smile deal. You only have issues tonight delving deeper in to me. There are a lot worse things to be doing than Euro launch. A lot in Manitoba I don't know if I think that behind the grocery store I would look at the score then we got to I was unclear about my laundry doing in the past. I used to have a hold day or a weekend where I would they have. Then the proper movie. And I can do my own home you know and analysis different consistently it's not give a laundry. It's not evil you it's it's the exact opposite of diva laundering and as for your humble except when you're sitting there Pena stuff though I was I was kind of trying to be the dealer. In the laundromat. A.