Sunglass and Optical Warehouse Helping our Human Peace Sign

Wednesday, October 11th


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He knew peace sign is ago it's happening tomorrow. Lot of people doing a lot of scrambling to make sure this happens now here at kiss on but. Ability casino center and our drone operators are we really wanna get together and make this a memorable event and a peaceful event in an event that's full of love and showing our friends and in and Stanley who were at this festival including our coworkers. Maybe your fairway that we love them and we are here for them in this is not going to be. The atmosphere of America in 2017. No Vegas strong and it's a way to solidarity and again we you really are inviting you to be the biggest part of this because you are going to be the biggest part of this as you are making. That human peace sign and a lot of people coming together for this is San Diego's number one for new country KS Owen with John and Tammy in the morning Tammy isn't foil all the good morning Tammy. Morning Carol what I. Do you in peace I'm eve. Well Mike and our paper back about going tomorrow nines and it's neat. I have during both it and they're really excited. But they are like momma gonna be a night I caught again via but they let me I can Kimi get a late let. Yeah yeah well you know what that's a great idea you know what I'll make one up today. And bring the budget copies. And any other parent then. Who on the is going to bring a kid and they're worried going to be late for school John and I will sign it and make it official. I love what you're doing because there are so many people over you're not leaving you're not missing anybody school while Bob block. This is important and in in knowing your kids are old enough to realize that something seriously wrong and serious and evil happens and to show. Bury me long open conversation. About what happened. This is a great way for them to. To show solidarity. To promote peace to promote love and to promote community it's awesome I love your idea Tami let's get together budgets as us a stack. A completely worthless John Timmy excuse slips up and will give anti. We'll give them to your high school student three or your elementary or middle school student there won't be that late brand and then Aegon C by the way I took part in this as well make it to the picture of the human peace sign. No teachers or be upset with that right. Now I don't think it's it was here that they. It looked at me I might as mood been like lately why. I have no right. Really feel for sure we will. All right honey they can we look forward to seeing you tomorrow outstanding. Only hurts your event is opposite a little is okay. Are you are Dina right now and Dina has an idea to help us and good morning Dina are all right so what is your idea honey. Now I get a marketing effort on black and optical house. They've been asking a company for thirty years they've relocations. Opera and you know and they have a digital billboard that it is the freeway rehab and yet. We wanted to have like advertising and on merit according you know the human eye and hair that. And then we also wanted to grab my program where. Anyone not confident that they get strong that occur at a interpret the go to the ticket so funny that that city clerk. So there are we gonna get back to. This is Austria are yeah tropical plot supposed. To call. So. You really a polite WP signed. Advertisers collect a better word on your digital billboard. But we publicly that they eventually caught on erupt I have something up. Amber and I market today about the okay for you guys. Hooked you can't advertise for those solid and a no brainer and it is the one time we let John answer the question yes right away. Usually it's like knowing got to do this known this when you can say yeah hasn't. Accuses Seoul on the in this is what we're talking about them everybody will. To be a part of this is that they can't be a part of this it was saying it was I can't be either but. I owe you ten people can be easily get out there and and be part of the human peace sign. And again if you go to any of three locations and answer what does against the US warehouse. Optical out okay say that you love Vegas strong hash tag Vegas drunk and now I don't want to push of a donation portion of the proceeds source of the proceeds ray will go on to tackle find me account which is awesome. All right can be great how we forgetting anything can happen so she tells again are on FaceBook IQ so an anti Tammy. You can see the calendar on calendar event which you can share. Also so please feel free to do that and we'll see you tomorrow more and. We'll see thousands of view moon tomorrow morning we broadcast our show live from value casinos and depart you want again right outside the cheaply area with a grassy area is is who we are going to be pleased. Making the point we can't wait to see low and thank you for being with us for our John Timmy human peace sign. We're less than 24 hours away and DSL.