Is Sugarland Getting Back Together?

Thursday, November 9th


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So our phone number 619570. Number 1973. John and Tim in the morning the day after the CMA is ruled that tired watched the and I actually step for the entire show less I couldn't believe it usually. And I encourage. Saw the whole thing Mona did you watch CMAs and if so what was the highlights for you. I'm. Beat them. Recently that there. Keep up and nick and carried it in the chase it and they ought to think about the Arctic. Arctic. Not a dry eye in the auditorium I imagine not not a dry and my place on the schedules hold of electric candle standing up she was seeing a Christian him it was so beautiful. One of of several. And breaking down and crying moments that I at least had I during the CME what's happening time. It or not RO it was a then there AMP if there emotion it was an emotional night last night because not only all the tragedies that have happened this year but a lot of deaths in the country music industry one that hit us really close to home was when we lost Troy gentry earlier this year the helicopter crashed. And when Turks took the stage with Rascal Flatts the first I didn't know what was going on Purcell is jerks. And the only got he's singing my town and then Rascal Flatts joins them as sounding great but I was I don't think anybody was ready I didn't see him come and when Eddie Montgomery comes out trademark Mike stand twirled it all full of bravado but still sadness. Picture Detroit in the back I was I am telling out of wreck. Eventually this mark. You know. It's still gets to me now watching as his widow and his daughter. It was a very heart felt very her felt there was all so. Beer me in trusting tees that happened last night. I don't who it was a tease and it was a full on here comes this was half that if you blinked you missed it the but apparently surely got back together like. Funny thing yeah. Feel like we've been here before. You know that's. In fact be real here to present the CMA awards we won together. In 2000 and then 20082000. Hang. And well. Very young knows basically there in the same word and yeah there are Sugar Land. But here's the weird thing. It didn't seem that people were doing in my opinion lie close a media they definitely more after the post Saddam photo with cash cake. Okay. With a lot how how I guess when you're excited really hoping they say they're not the same apart which they're not. It's not the same thing and in so we'll see you will see what happened to see the crowd I don't know ended may be used the British not like we work hard. I got it it was super weird to see that end and it it's good because we had heard the rumors and you know they were getting a law on you don't think that don't listen when they see we're gonna get back together eventually never will. Where. They'd sweet data Kenny I have a bad against each other about the slowing bet against. I don't of the Brooks and Dunn into anything I never got back together again has signaled they will and I won that that a rare moment that I want. I got into Norman were the best that we had a week I don't know I Suisham Macon and I think that's Beckett got together. Yeah it really did do okay yeah. All right we viral months that they give back began and ended up a putt putt.