Students From Carlsbad High Are Coming to the Food Fund!

Tuesday, October 31st


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Into at least food fund is back Achille we don't have through the food funds anymore right now as he gets colder. In the winter months are coming there's a lot of people including military families it need to see an eagle food bank and that's when we come in with our big mouths and you with your generous hearts. As a lease broadcast live this week we're going to be in Carlsbad hit up North County. Right off the five off camera for the village kitchen and high shop our entire show broadcast live please come hang out spend time with us to continue into his college Hollywood now. All we ask is it bring as much food nonperishable food as you can handle your about the you're really cool reason why. When John and Jimmy a San Diego's number one for new country KS ON and remember he can't be there we're having a virtual food fun to drive as well just go to kissel and dot com judge at least food fun and talking to us right now Jim Jim is he special education teacher Carlsbad high school. Hi Jim good morning. It. And do real well we're stoked to be I didn't up Carlsbad this Friday for a giant heavy food fund our first in three live show is with the quests to just jam this in eagle food banks full of food I understand the formula hang out talk to a bit maybe. Yet yet a group that student some. Let you know that we're going to bring down and because they're released special group of kids that they're just unbelievable day. They will touch your heart I look yeah but absolutely. We had it in Egypt it was kept a little bit is that the last minute. And then I'm going to be administrator after I urge your. I'd I'd listen you guys in the morning and I'm getting ready for work and it opened up this and they were very supportive that they did take about a month to get it filter recruit. And it went with a group right away. All right I'm good at first and foremost thank you for being a special a special education teacher it's it's it's a difficult job and not everyone can do it. And I appreciate that very much. Thank you so much these kids that I tell you that they are kids that are needed high school. And we are trying to make until welcomed their freshman at all night spinning. Yeah they're they're crippled by a student and then we have two other Latin that are coming with a that are very similar to ours. That's going to be great I can't wait to meet them when I was a freshman high school I worked with the special education students and it still is one of my. Fondest memories of something that I got to be apart of. Yet but tell you these kids really I'm. I've made a difference for me it's like every day Erika Malone tired bet it did that and the urge that you feel like you you've made it different or somebody in a news. You know you sit there on the mark the World Series saying that was the great debt. We're going to be at the village kitchen and pie shop right off the file on camera racking Carlsbad. A starting right at 6 o'clock period opening an hour early forests were super stoked about that so come out to have breakfast bring all. The nonperishable food items that you can for the San Diego food bank. We're also produces just your stoked about this we're doing an online food drive as well so he can't get out there and woke up with a website that you connection make a donation online which is cool yep it's all posted at KS ON dot com just click on food fun and you'll see the virtual food drive there as well in the meantime Jimmie and inspired us to do something great today thank you for that. Thank you thank you we're looking forward to you guys. We'll probably get there about 830 because schools certainly it will be walking over and getting the kids over so we look forward to seeing you. And are real just real excited to do this absolutely beat it type I tell you would need it and they're very special. Date they they have a lot of me that they're theory they're they're using their art. Yeah that's very well. Obviously you are too man we can't wait to I mean you and thank you and meet all the kids in person on Friday. And again thanks for to spread the love throughout the community is great Johnson's food fund them stoked about this one. We record our men and we as well seeing you and your fabulous kids again all the angels we found a kiss when dot com. A Timmy went down a list of of things they really need yesterday. As far as the Geneva food thing yeah approaches the first thing that goes out of a diet when your when your scrounge for money because it's the most expensive soap. Peanut potter. I canned tuna canned chicken things of that sort of great to remember a lot of military finalised in the sending food banks so. As for any other reason get yourself as much food as you can and number for the viewed yourself eat yeah don't know navy between 1943 don't mind. C'mon now a kiss on dot com to our food our first food fund show of the year again at the village kitchen and pie shop. Right off the fine and camera acting Carl's been very close to Oceanside is an arsenal all north clearer north coming representing more details AK SON dot com.