Stuck at the Atlanta Airport

Wednesday, December 20th


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The year than you find out you're stranded in an airport for longer than a day. And you can't go anywhere and there's no power. I'm here to talk to somebody that that happened to yeah so Tammy shared with you earlier this week that but the massive power outage at the Atlanta airport the busiest airport in the world. That caused delays not only for travelers going through Atlanta but it was a cyclical thing all throughout America a century people were affected by this I was. Hearing that figure nightmare must've been a what are finally but it was delayed we'll guess what's and we do. Our ex coworker Katie who will work with us all we are in Madison Wisconsin is now a superstar in Tampa. And was just trying to get home for Christmas Katie please tell me you're not still. Like. A one dictated to at the Atlanta airport. Now why I meet you back to Wisconsin last night but it made it is quite experienced pressure I was stuck there herb. I mean Howard. When he eat while in an airport I mean. Love. Yeah it is really crazy I mean I am at the point I actually blocking a kick off my initial from Tampa. Q did you know I think stepped up the plane we get a couple of hours we were kidnapped teen actual wallet with me again at the plane and my. It's a quiet year and suddenly turned mean you like the power literally just are not my spot yet it can get the power got. The entire airport kitchen black I mean they're cool are really scared. And I could only go when it went everybody's are realizing that this was gonna be a long term. Issue you know kissed her while you're thinking not gonna come up bits in all now have back up Lola. We only get any media like the kind of a four hour in the back not and that they dealt knowingly saying any kind I'm like. Checking Twitter and possibly predict but for the Serb and obviously. Ever own guys thank you can't charge it. Yeah yeah. There really wasn't any information that workers didn't know what was going on it initially bringing them. Violent food or anything should thank obviously Alan the senate embarks. You couldn't do that because like their channel down how much yet act in the open and cash aren't. Wearing a public need per gigabyte stop and talk. You know like four hours and kill. Only power that was my next question is did you get at least on an eager drink clear that he got the dogs with you all you'll do was get home. Twentieth it's like that Tom Hanks and we will as always the from the airport and again sorry Fiona you know what really surprised me is out in. Twitter verse how well so many people seem to take it. They were getting senses of humor is on things like they were tweeting it was really quite shocking you can tell I wasn't traveling man. Our pentagon employs a Leal from catch we became an gas now to the toilet did. Did you finally did you find any camaraderie with people with and it. Absolutely I met telling unite people liquid when our when our bar so he started talking catch. You know people only had so much cash for the people like buying each other each city's east and Jackson's visit a nice neat. Stopped but it wasn't terrible it occurred about an ever actually really nice. It's not a reform and a massive power outage causing major travel delays can all be fixed by the power of liquor doesn't undercut. Our. Hey thank you glad that you're home safe Merry Christmas. Love you said that the airport was like. Eight hours delayed and I know it was a lose my mind and that was with a full bar yeah I thought I can't imagine being in pitch black people have been terrified for a long.