Stella vs. Sophia

Monday, October 23rd


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We're about to find out who is able to follow borders more whose moral obedient to protect our producers steps middle child Stella. Whose three year old or ten means it dog is Sophia. Whose two and a half. I wonder who's gonna give it. We'll see what Lyndon Johnson in the morning I was sharing a story with producer staff last week that asset at two and a half year old dog and a two and a half year old kid. Are about on the same plane for what they understand for words and things to do I and so we thought we would put this. Our kids to the challenge my fur kid and her middle kids and net benefit. So first we have Sofia and what she's going to do is eight put it toy away Eric WiMax. To sit number three weeks for retreat and number four chic Paris we'll see how she dies. Came you're poisoning threat. Bring. Put it in the box. In the back. Good you're always. Sit. Who lead them. Modeling. Community and. Yet. Sweet. Romance intrigue. You need two weeks. Need to wait. A new me. We. Won't eat it. And yeah. And she. She mean. To me prop shake. Shake the beer club she. Said she. I think that when that epic thing. You know three or she could not Shane did not want to shake she kiss and stat do you trains of yourself. Interest how can that Hilton and toys putting is a brand new one that we learned that she's Florida should say so now. How does three of Stella producer steps to middle child. You with the same commanders are a little different order it's it's. Shake my hand. Richard toy away and get a treat the best part of this is oil producers that sound she. And from Gotham a year ago but it see if the united stuff coming. Out sick. I. And Guerrero content through which he has been. Some you know I finally like what happened immediately before you reported this. They are just being crazy trying to nurse malaria. Ridden. She. You're shaking your. He shake and I can't. Edgar and now. Royally but like toy eagle and it typically there's gotten. Crawled around the floor okay about it Teddy bear the but it away not a great to meet Italy at. No don't pick up racist thug and is what you're going away. Amir the toilet. It never goes on the tables you didn't. But it in the van and on right now while it is you can still on the air racing this it'll just easy street. Yet to wait. Oh my god you're not a yeah we're going there in the toys and UC this it'll. Now wait. Don't get it right now until your toy away. No brakes and yeah pretty nice comments we do you are right it is mild and Ellis street near mount. Natalee that night. And I saw lessen Goldman's wife yeah. I wake up and the tree Cuban knew. And that didn't work very loud and I'm sure there isn't much to acknowledge. A full bar and that's not funny. Like that. Well I think yeah here today. I'm. All right how else is so awesome from people well let me have a baby can. I'd be good heat here in training adored him millions a human being. Locally or did you pick it good.