Stella Feeds Baby Claire

Friday, October 20th


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I know on an hour we're going to do beat that weekend. But they had to bring this to the show today because Tammy is going to have an awesome weekend going to a an adult costume party for Halloween. And I'm going to be feeding my newborn baby has been chasing around two toddlers are. Helio had a decent adult Halloween party your eyes almost missed it over and against. Yeah what is your baby sit for that shouldn't come as the audience should know not now and while others or here's why. A that's why at all actually integrated. Then Tony Blair in and she doesn't even last long with their crime ones not crying. She's she's telling you she's hungry nearly she knows that's yeah and my toddler Dow up. Is now being the big sister and wanting to feed her baby and the machine yeah are you an epic enjoy now for the middle kid yeah. Yeah. Do you. I like knowing using hungry Ellison's those pops tonight. Today Hermes well. I numbers still hates everything that range anything and everything it doesn't even have to be fooled by hand and still eat it I loved and I look I've vision which of the once and for Claire Tina. One for players to please them. Oh you like Peter the new volley ever trying to be clear baby food now what is that Stella. Are all seen you and Peter carrots. You Sherry you're and I can eat out the carrot and the traffic here actually if he cleared the world. Pulled her. You know purity got the babies born already to go and everything how schools are open. There is around the suit and holster or why you. Probably I. Mom you think it's true. No not yet. She's that ready to eat yet okay if he's saying he's isn't the vegetable piece or pieces and please please home and assignments that fine attributable to respect. The Stella do you eat baby food for an when I turn. OK Hank. Don't Lional simple rule all of this glamour how could you eat real food like mama. What's your what's your favorite food the right now sound. And. She's very. Similar usually cameras but you don't eat and can't. Or moody now yeah it to Don and did you yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. We also like your vegetables what's your favorite vegetable garden. And yeah. Yeah. And then those dollar debt. You do eat pepper your good girl Electronica two. She's singing corn cob the and on the but it might timing. What they you for feeding your baby sister all. If she's always thank you yeah it will be an Suton who has to do you think that's not me sooner than crying in the how she is cute shot. Yeah. Marble top lawyer. When I catch Santa. The Bruce's staff. I was shocked I had never ever ever seen your place so clean and I'm wondering if you clean your house while your kids in their car seat him. Try doing now that it. I'm a.