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Good morning Merry Christmas and a happy Chanukah welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation. Of the and a count San Diego radio stations and Gary Lee. Start out is a San Diego based nonprofit organization united for youth and Arab communities. Start now offers a variety of programs that provide the leadership and mentoring critical in promoting youth safety. Positive life choices in academic success for underserved. And at risk youth joining us this morning to start now interim executive director. Fair O'Leary. Welcome Claire. Morning Gary. Good morning nice to have you on the show nice to meet you you are the interim executive director at star pal let's start with a little little background information on the organization. Start Powell a lot of people are familiar Powell nationwide the police athletic league and here and seeing you got that chapter is founded in 1988. That Tunney was running mad at the time and a similar organizations started in 1993. Stock. Sports training academics recreation. And I commend city so in 98 that you collaborated in organizer kind of similar programming that was going on they wanted to merge and star Powell sports training academics recreation police athletic league. Let's farms in 1998. So now full its air and that's why it's our pal the acronym stands read this I shortness of people ignorant you. Sort of originally started as now the police athletic league it's at an and you joined forces in 1998. And basically it represented act. The city county clapper each and so we have had. ST PD officers from seeing a police department as well as county probation and not sheriff's deputy. Working full time Q Ryan you programs that sitting on the scene and I so what is the miss and then start now. Our mission is to empower underserved youth to build a safer and more prosperous community by engaging with law enforcement and collaborative partners. And what is explain what an underserved. Uses re really strive we target inner city communities which typically have some sort of I influence that whether it's social economic struggles. On issues that crime and violence in those neighborhoods. And by arranging things like military families ran a not low income back in a parent's deployed. I'm any youth that basically doesn't have all the resource says that they. May need or the support and intercept says succeed and make great positive life choices in what does that star panel. Considered to be an at risk youth. Risk meaning that it's possible to fall victim and negative influence so. I'd say most middle schoolers in teenagers are really in that stage and finding themselves in developing an identity bat when year. Facing struggles like I said earlier it socioeconomic. Status. And drugs gang violence in the home. That's kind of things make it easier to kind of she's a path that may not be the most beneficial for that. It's how bad it's what they've seen promise that exe with their friends and it's the way of life that they now so how do you encourage and empower someone TC that. There are alternatives and better life choices that are actually. It's cool to. Now now now we're gonna talk about some of your programs and little bit but some of your programs or are also catered towards. I'm keys that have been in trouble with the law right yes we have some diversion programs. We've found you know through statistics and research that once students and entered the juvenile justice system. Add or more likely diversity and stay in that. Systems so our goal at the diversion programs is for first time offenders they complete a six week program. And instead of having a case filed in the courts. Able to deliberate act and stay out of the juvenile justice system entirely okay and we will talk a little bit more about those programs. In just a little bit there are several objectives. The star pal has aside from your mission. And it what are those objectives are looking at promote youth safety through crime and violence prevention education. I like cultivate eat empowerment through civic engagement and other enrichment activities. And finally really just offer youth programming in underserved communities. And again when we talk about your programs will bowl yet the title that. All that in absence to have your achieving that how long you've been with us start down a little over four years I started off as a volunteer. Working with and a special events and fundraising Nat edu and download the organizations that once opportunity came to work and I. I'm scramble aren't and there are cents above what was it that drew you just via volunteer with them. I am at the time is working in athletics very university here and seen Diego doing marketing and development. Anabolic had a passion for our kids with thinking like art instructor for years and worked in public safety so out. For me really is the type act that everything lab which is sports. You and public safety pollen and organization and could ask for anything more right it's my my niche so I've I've really enjoyed being appointments as all the programs that you have their they're run by law enforcement personnel. Yes so we are nonprofit organizations or fund raising and. Promoting programs and special events that bag program directors are all sworn law enforcement. Personnel and adamant in Xenia police department I probation and. Recently edict sheriff's department and the age group are you you basically focusing your programs on this in a wide range yeah we we have about 21 different programs throughout the year so. All very different focus that essentially. App focusing on in Richmond you know whether it's academics or educational. Outreach moon onto athletics and then. And the diversion programs so. We're really just focusing on. Bringing you and law enforcement together in a positive non threatening. And so the age group again this is is pretty very good it's a wide range meat we have seven year old effort to appeal fishing derby we do in those one time enrichment activity and a. Athletics arts. You're towards younger kids wearing. You know maybe their experience of law enforcement has and tense and stressful a disputed wet. In action packed with their family I am in here it's out of a positive. Non threatening environments and fun and they're doing on time on Forstmann. I'll bet you junior and senior in high school in our making changes program who are getting help like. Applying to colleges and an academic tutoring. And speech contests support to help and get ready for dobbs Mary for college. And so rent really runs the gamut that seventh and seventeen as well that's great what a wide variety of programs and services your offering these kids scrape. Com what are what are than the requirements for or qualifications. To take what you programs to be part of when he programs are centered Serb youth is in city heights. So we're kind of in how that mid cities seen Diego. And most of the schools in that area and we offer programs to Atlanta or were teaching. In school I Crawford high school or after school tutoring for kids from horse man. I am so pretty much any school that areas eligible to come over to our facility and participate in whatever programs appropriate for their age group. And also host different activities throughout the whole county so where Ali is north at Escondido. Down testing procedure down to a best act. I'm so basically schools and apply for our camps that the chargers and Padres. Ads have a program. Offices and speak. And we're really trying it did not relationships that's all it. Communities they're not seeing it and you center for us senator to serve you were where's that located that's in city heights so where write off 54. Street university. I clean it also park. Okay this is this some this where most of your programs and take place. Yeah about ten years ago our 2005 the facility was built and we are really able to kind of make that. Impact verses. Being spread out on any different schools to actually host programming on site which is thanks. The great program tap and then middle school tutoring programs the high school programs. As an hour really serving that community. In a way where it it's a resource people know police officers were hearing there's been seeking for kids. As a really kind of working as a resource and community in. And the kids in that area as a kind of like that place for kids to go after school to can they can they go there and not participating in any of the programs. We pretty much an open door policy at the police facilities out we Kitsap and I'll time my house to go over it's speech with an officer or. Snack okay you know I Ed. It's not always the programming that's going on it can all our programs coming to visit it and competitive ice right officers though affiliate that resource the doors are always open it's free it's always kids are authors. I mean is an issue. A safe environment exactly are safe and in his let's talk about some of those programs sound you talk about your diversion programs you have two of those. I your first at first when we all talk about it is he is the girl. Leadership for leader Alan. As I mentioned before you know and impact of negative influences in it teaches life can be. Pretty significant and we soc for young women that we actually working with Probation Department at the time. Went officers who was looking hat. What what is making these young women start tend towards a life and I mean picked up for petty theft curfew violations truancy. And school. And then what we found was they just really needed some motivation to. Make rightly choice as a medium mentor to help facilitate those right life choices so if and a girl Ian that the girl started coming to add. The program in it and a solid they left with more self esteem they are aware you know what Doug beast looks like what. Healthy teen relationship looks like and and just getting this idea of what positive life choices. Look like kitten and let it was night apparent right as sound probably found Wednesday where. The recidivism rate was once a year after continuing and completing that six week program. Less than 5% or re offending where and honey why it with juveniles at about. 35%. And picking up any case. Getting in another bit of trouble with a lot. Paso and the whole goal being keep it out in the first place. So pretty successful raid and very success rate name and I think since 2000 and ten when it started now it's just next experts now and I really really ground in Indianapolis started. Realizing that young women aren't the only one need that's an attention and self esteem in education and men as well now we've. And up to serve juvenile. And this is both of these programs are as he as mentioned earlier the six week programs six weeks off. And and how often do you police. There's usually couple week break in between so we're building multiple sessions throughout the year where kids are coming in. Either a referral from the courts are probation. Or sometimes voluntary maybe instead of getting in trouble at school. At the schools that we partner went realize that this can't help change behavior sounds out of a suspension ended rendered out there going this program and they're learning as good behaviors. Coming back and I haven't traveled south sometimes is voluntary not necessary the courts then majority are. Or referrals and and the age then again and berries or is it isn't middle and in high school students yeah that's it for the most part thirteen usually the youngest we go over some kind of Maher makes her. Top banks now yeah now I'll be released in less than thinking agency thinks out. That's geared towards and in order. A high school age and by. And again. The students that go to these Serb are sent from the school sometimes. And analyzes the core for also an officer who arrests juvenile. Basically sands and staff says instead of having to go to court in front of the judge. You can. Do this go to this program such as eggs in the coming from the core it's coming from officers before a day. Do you ever go root port the actual officer who's who's making the arrest or whatever the situation is yet so it's just it's and other. Opportunity. You know unfortunately in some cases we find that the parents are so. And involved that they don't realize. At this is a great option for a kid and they say. I don't care of I'll take in the court you know it's it's. So we see just influences from the family and uttered you're really struggling for the support at least ten homes now it's it's really want to get into the program as an opportunity to find. A male role model or female role model and these officers are saying you know you're worth it. We believe and you it's cool to be you know making their life choices. And what a great way to. To build that and change that feel that some of these kids may have for law enforcement absolutely you know the trust level and. We actually had girls and who went through the early. And asked for one of our officers that he now on police officer parents and my friend wants you hurt yourself. And uses its base and it actually make referral county health then. Doable processed it yet this girl some help and they. Those are typically things that don't ever come to the police come and that appropriate channel it just because the kids are freighter that don't and I talk to you so by opening up these windows and and building that trust. Actually able to help. Kids get the resources I think mean and others the mountains that are not involved with the thing he said like the frantic and it's at and we want to build from the inside out pride. Your friends help the kids off the family is and. And then from Indian in the end helps the community as accurately I'm now another program is so you're mentoring youth for tomorrow. But that's because one minutes for sharks and that basically it's on the middle schoolers in city heights area act not avert. Monday Thursday for homework help. And and mentoring with the law enforcement officers so that teeters Mancini a state needs to SD. Are helping kids you'd Albert assignments and then there's recreational line. Actor enrichment excursions that the kids go on south you know on Wednesday that the field trip day since they have an early day at school and ago. Double park our ocean beach stunned appeared. To try to take and different spots around the need to community. They never ends they can learn and see kind of what's outside and neighborhood and experiencing all logs on forced out there. A lot of them probably don't get that chance to do that. We've we've had. Many kids rather kept with its iPod would be to their first time ever being an option and England team ego. It's pretty amazing. And this again is through the schools. I'm it's our facilities that we create and different schools obviously an area saying it's a resource after school kids walk over her and help whether homework. Entered their grades being exciting at in last year. All the kids averaged 81 GP point higher rent after going through inning homer Celtic completing assignments. A lot the population in city heights are refugees Saturday suffering language struggled down. Seeking time to break down contacts with the tutors instead of just after an answer in the wrong answer. Actually being able to understand why they're making certain places and after reading has helped them get better. And again all your programs that you offer absolutely free right. Absolutely free and at no charge in our high school programs fourteen kids and leadership conference is. And I'll freeze that fishing derby at a fishing pole. Can't the Padres or chargers a teacher ten. It's of no possibly can't because able to fund raise money to support these and end the those in the in law enforcement the Indian police department released part sheriff's department all working for free as well. I and it's tremendous support from their departments that they provide those folks in kind so the actual. Employees of those different agencies. And their signed as a unit T sat. So as far as DOS indictment it's a job assignment it cool technically it's in kind support to our non profit community agencies thanks. Just tremendous commitment to community policing this idea like if we are able to build bridges. Citing that the kids starting with Anthony's. We can make a positive impact and really changed and culture around what does look like in the community our and I got that we all help each other raw here treats. Nominate mention a couple of times Padres. Baseball camp in junior chargers training camps let's let's talk about the Padres baseball canceled what happens is if these camps they're pretty tremendous partnership for her. Many years now at both. Local sports scene then. Days act camps are basically skills clinic the first day where we go to that middle school elementary school throughout the count me. And the kids go to stations and it learning fundamentals of baseball. And there are also opportunities and I for players to show up and talk about what it's probably. The importance of staying in school. Healthy eating here obviously the ports and an active lifestyle. And the second day these kids if it's about sixty. Able to go with the cap rounds and on first officer who are volunteering. To an actual baseball game pack apart so it's a two day camp where. Hitting scales and going at me (%expletive) matches and you think it's players that they just met. It actually and it's a senior pitching girls that they did on the math and its it's a pretty a pretty cool experience yeah I bet it's. And that's a pretty popular program it's very quick and we actually just partnered. Decent mark camps that patents it's in pretty good demand and the Padres totally on board an expanding elements out script which they had some mine now when I was kid if you even I think I hit. At Arizona based I don't think it really and and you're edgy or chargers training camps. Hopefully they will continue yeah. Absolutely reacts very helpful patent. Yes similar to the model of the Padres camps he ran its kind Islam a bigger scale a 10850. Kids going through each camp. And again sitting count me they're learning fundamentals of and so they're going over hurdles are tackling and throwing the football instead different targets and the players also come out and talk to the kids and it's it's really just creating miss electric fun environment and law enforcement officers are. There mentors of volunteers getting positive manner action and learning about this you know active lifestyle when it means you. The community and a team that Ernestine sport environment. And act yes it's very positive. Atmosphere and eat it that's great act now you have a couple of events coming up pretty soon here in the in the new year. The first one. Is you're trying harder. For kids indoor triathlon it's mouthful there too et Al what does this tell us about that. And this is basically an indoor track line that the chief they're not chief and the senior police department telling Zimmerman. I started back in 2010. And it's a competitive. Fun event for a lot for is not there's also a community to compete in an indoor track on which consists 810 minutes than in the pool. A twenty minute cycle ride a stationary bike and then a fifteen minute ran on track now. So last year he had eighteen different on arsenic agencies competing against other add add the Marines out there. And in different meaning members natural athletes all competing basically to support. Eve and seeing it now an op program. And this this event is in memory of officer. Jeremy Hamlet right yes tragically in 2011. Officer Atlanta lost his life in the line DD. And the last act that actually caught on camera and mid city it's in city heights right where our facility is I you officers there and he went out. McDonald's is getting lunch and a kid. Not enough money for picky so officer Hanley botanists. Tile than a cookie. And the next call that they went on he is actually shot in his vehicles satin. I'm really honoring the memory of officers are committed to be used in building relationships and and building that community together law enforcement kids' families. And what it was that that also hand would lose and a. Killed alana Clement and then have an okay trap line had been in existence for one year and that it was transfered now. His memory and it's kind of an honor and tribute to you. What an amazing ops and he I don't think I I think I remember that a member here I'm reading something about that pretty pretty devastating and. Random you know random acts of violence that that person you murdered this officer was at one point but I out and about eight for police officers that was undescribable on. We're really looking for is that these officers are humans they have families they care about. Individuals and and can be amazing mentors all kids seeing it go and I and it was just that and and lost it like doing it would have what is the date for the senate triathlon it is Amy on Saturday January 28. At and Lawrence family Jewish community in and it ends just the am. The officers that the law enforcement end and you sit militaries involved in as well the so so kids are not taking part in this well this year actually liking me. We recently participated in that I came banks and that they kids had such a great time. Pushing their limits ironically that we decided this year might be great opportunity getting a youth team. Involved sucking this year he'll be competing against officers different community members athletes and then Scott pocket. As of now. So so if anybody wants did participate Eric can still sign up absolutely we have some spots left it's on our website at www. Star pounds not ordered. And basically there's no entry fee it's am fundraising commitment tapping an individual you raise a hundred dollars. If fear it at team so each person does lag the three it's 250 dollars and all that money got straight pac ten. Our top programs that right into the program yet to hit your friend in your fan when he. Or Christmas or whatever holiday take giving gifts to help the career entry. Okay and and your next event that you have coming up a little ways down the road that it is here. That's seventeenth annual celebrity waiter lunch in this going to be may nineteenth I yes and listen are kind of premier fundraising event. At large parts and are able to you used to finance our top programs comes from this event and it's just an electric. Out energetic. Zany. Hat event where. We have into the local celebrities like yourself hopefully include path and the Padres or chargers chiefs shaft that slot officers. We see out pulling out the stops to wait on gas and get tips that will eventually be. Raised Ers are our kids so our programs and we had last year at charger player doing cartwheels we had a slot officers singing twinkle twinkle little star and I didn't. You as the guest are able to news suggests that every like as a tip and I chuckles during Texas I think it is singing voice chat yeah eight. Until we just waiting on tables at the. That happens though yeah it's very I didn't. And I can't guarantee tigers beat the enemy and are happy about but no no cartwheels for me. You know let it all in good fun and it's all folks here are just passionate about getting back to community trade us sign. And exotic environments. And departing. Program. An NN I believe you're having a silent auction as well if I ox in Adelaide it will detects we have one of our. You participants speaking. So it making changes program they get. Education and toast masters public speaking and giving speeches sound gets presented in our celebrity intelligence lots of very fine. Great wonderful that people have to buy tickets for this in advance yes and not a also tied to implement page. Highlights than inner track line as well as the celebrity waiter on and you can be created table for ten for thousand dollars or different sponsorship opportunities. Are the inning in the money goes back to star pal. Directly into programs everything goes in our hands. And and are you still looking for celebrities we love celebrities Wear. A moment the way it's you have to name bang it wheat we love having began met you all and that's athletes don't altar and man in the past it and hop name. For ever I those folks in media personalities. On TV crops and now those folks and now I'm really always to achieve in the shafts now. Any un nuanced and cannot help username forget cots round. Well I will. I will talk to folks about that sounds like a lot of fun Alan Murray would love to take part in that and we're gonna put some information about these events on our web site. On the yeah community events page of the station's web sites anybody who wants to find out more about it will be able to find it there we'll get benefits as we can. But you are nonprofit and and as you said a lot of the money that you get from these events or all the money that you get from these events goes into your programs where else do you get your funding because again everything's free that you offer yeah. The kid there's no cost to any of the kids that were serving I mean we apply for a lot grants grant funding Fram foundations municipal entities. Out our special ads are vague partially an individual donors just community members to. On in Aston positive relationships between kids and on force and officers. Ultimately we're serving over 4500. Individual kids throughout the year which is pretty impressive number and we're only able to do with the support and donations and we appreciate everyone news on board our mission and working to build Saperstein Diego and and donations can be made that you website right yet again it's www. Star pal dot org can once again the date freer indoor triathlon Saturday January 20. And is is their cost for spectators now come down. Support very team's support period athlete come see kids compete against law enforcement officers. Load speed out of that wants Anthony to ACC okay and your celebrity waiter lunch and again that semi nineteenth right may nineteenth. At the under ice for an individual ticket and sponsorship opportunities. Available. People for tennis and. How right and down your social media. We are we have a Twitter account a pretty active. And Twitter into an interface that page. Putting out different events that meeting with kids different partnerships we have an hour in the community. So if anybody wants any information about what you're doing its star now information about your upcoming events. Anything. To make a donation at your website right yes. All right Claire thank you being on the show today good luck with those upcoming events and I hope to see out of death. Via celebrity waiter lunch and I think we should do and its star palate you folks who do and there is just incredible. Q do what you do and thanks for all you do start pound all you do for the kids and communities ain't you and thanks so much happening today. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a town San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. John next week Glenn my guest will be from the hands of beret legal foundation until them I'm Gary late have a great week.