Stagecoach: Dustin Lynch

Monday, May 2nd


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Stage coach show just every morning. And San Diego's number one for new country cares so and does alleged in the Sapporo studios' stage coach rocking on Sunday the last. Can't believe we will your this is the last day but it's great to see you again now are best for last fight right on this is the cool thing about this discussion is something I'm picking up by. Every artist tempered remember wrong doesn't want young got his dates circled like this this is a special gig isn't it is this is huge so many people only. Crazy party and I was led MLS I don't know how I remember like that New Year's Eve on American overseas or here we are still talking about Chris is a blink when Darlington was our sleepless night. Well let it slip last night as we got to do photo shoot a sunrise so is that are about and rolled about two hours of sleep for a very well this like I yoga photo shoot your way at all. We got some new music coming out before too long so we're bigger we take advantage in this desert this week. No it's an old interview right now and we're shoots. I don't know south appears OK if you thought there was California desert went around their backgrounds and well and that it was a riot I think that is an I had an offer robust enough and really. So we really enjoyed. Getting to know you do all the years of watching you grow and watching you succeed more more on the we're just thrilled for you and we're happy to see. I'll have you are at play here we have an up you know we're having so much fun. And we that's successive at the last few years have been crazy for us and and mile to go around zero LeBron not want to tears are rove have his support and that he'll support on our last album. It's allowed us to go back into the studio make another Alan Alan I didn't think I'll get to make 1 out here I am working on my third how worried they be some. Some new songs off that album today there are certain. Only pretty nervous about it hope I don't screw up the words you have no exciting and you choose to put your new stuff on a daily prayers Saudia email worlds today TV music I write the biggest stage in countries that dryers we rarely does deliver Carolina stagecoach W watched. Any of dawson's time the last and is here in San Diego. But you've met Monica Monica is it big doesn't lynch fan it is our species are rat tournament and then also worked there. You killed it he killed it forgot about Drake Correia Mandela was absolutely thank you very much it was an edited was Janice killed Eminem do you wanna say something you want. I really annual one you have me freaking out and according here because I am so excited to hear your new news shall rise and I thought you knew me as it was gonna sound. Many tape I pay. And we got the green light to do it stands just wanna give real warning with that crazy costumes are seeing three men in America studios so just getting uniform got through. What about girl's when he guided by America. There's an to be XP I think America bikinis out there and we have our target out of my sails. Hastings I guess. We also add ons are valid thing on my sister and I. Macy's are always the same buddy Justin are thoroughly and tell you serious easily hello there I'm as a youngster Michael you Arthur OK everybody it's the middle name Arthur when John Elliott got the MacArthur yeah I think he claimed he had no game the last time we interviewed him and that didn't know it's headlines things you light up. You're games and improved Torah. Yeah yeah. Nothing I. I'm back they have on the Ocala I know you will it's great to watch you because we know much funnier having his identity that I love your attitude about. As you play music and can make a new record and I don't think you are to your fans of that ability to do so so well thank you us. I'm an end in don't get a fight with them because he's figured she'd ever bigger than his and that's why your for whiter anyway I'm an actress these old Slovenian has better that now. Path back at a dusty is here blue jays now is undoing him yeah. You're our favorites at today's news because the.