Stagecoach: Chris Young

Monday, May 2nd


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Opposed stage coach show you just every morning. And San Diego is number one for new country cares so as Chris Young is with us and I delighted we have been looking forward to this interview more than any other stage coach is here and outlined to you because you're right here thanks William Wallace not only so I can tell you anything but I do have something to give you will no longer week. Have something to give whose name is on the award answer. In these yeah I don't think which he won the award I don't do a good minutes. Anyway but wait wait wait what really is coming down and out. Think Chris Young not one year put two years in a row has won Jimmy's beef cake track we called you can beat K others PRI member. I don't think I think the first year we gave you like feature here something like that because it was like the only kind of neat that we could bring in here like oil yes that's not or that is not what really strange dad or. Who tells you a reporter Alison. If you're ten under your well all hoping to cool this is ever have before failures zero you are the repeat champion Jimmie Steve K bracket AKA. King BK yes and I have to say that I've been B rated buy a lot of male artists who are not on that list and wanted to know why and it's quite obvious that he couldn't take it down you'd sit downs him and argued sit down keep their renewed took down all whole list of people became the champions for saw me shaking hands. Pretty gradual way and all happening Florio doesn't mean Gloria here lovely Monica. You know honestly and this is good that is that this is something else too because they could have been an actual take me to be big enough that it. It's trophy. So so weekly us steered on top of the dignity can confirm which I love it there I'm. It is called me directing beef cake 2015 and into this sixteen John McCain in a morning policies he's not as meaning he's harder on. I believe the grandest showing little Carlisle Iowa lottery ticket did so in San Diego behind us. Like I don't IR yeah so now this doesn't is that we have the travel really light because this is why. No we fly the night and and are in Texas for a show tomorrow early. So yeah put into your carry and we never gets weird you can say I could put was actually paid you congress that are on your plane was made your viewers that are around your neck. This goes multiple. I really would love it though actually you did he can in the plane that would be hilarious if you leg tweeted a picture do you sit in the playing there might lemon at the mile percent tent yeah yeah we're like that head like here's the deal we found this trophy online okay if housing. Hugh Wheeler reasonable view this as we saw it was going to be he thought it was going to be like this can't help but think you have box as we got. I addressed and it's their big hit a box just make a pretty good kinda light pulled the shot like a whole lot of yeah lower average guy yeah the smallest he's trophy ever honest opinion. Remember that the lower applicant had a severe employment at the end and I am not well congratulations gang. I hate you. Our hands and congratulations on the great Chris Young American men who we had John over a year ago you were so excited and it you've got a did you anticipate how big it was going to be knew something. I mean you know my first nomination for an album of the year anywhere so really really special for me really special her court routers my co producer and Josh who we're out I'm coming over together we were think to be together so I'm definitely happy this week and Ali back in town summit can hang and celebrate a little something. All right so speaking of the previous steps did you wanna ask a quick question. When you're listening to that song I think and if she wanted to milk as your single untested focusing Owen pastor. Question go to planet are you guys have been out this. He gonna what's funny is she missed include the back Ebbers I'm actually friends and guess these boyfriends. No. Otherwise that would merely weird hey good television you know she's ours and our king and Chris I'm I'm. I'm so it's good here so it's a big trophy. Again due to relive the stage coach video and find yourself and tag yourself as a more pictures. Go to kiss Owens FaceBook page real live stage coach for yourself as were already planning for next year's stagecoach.