Stagecoach: Carrie Underwood

Monday, May 2nd


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We had such a blast that stagecoach California's country music for so I can't believe Hillary talking about it in the past sends them. Looking forward to sharing so many of our great times today this morning with judge him in the morning I can't sell it in this fabulous Carrie Underwood but doesn't. At this stage coach ms. Underwood how are you. And he wanted to congratulate you on first your massive career your husband's emerges in the playoffs it's an exciting time to be area no news is today did. Target store. Or check. Had checked. James scores underneath all your entourage and yeah on for the games yeah it I don't know I do wardrobe changes since. That's what I do. Yeah yeah. I have my underneath and a light refreshing mother trying to play at a super cool you're checking your husband's in going to do it isn't. Just an at this point I'm just like it's just another game that I can just go watch later in the. Exactly right. Serious some strategists I was noticing your rings and your fears they look like breast uncle. You know I like radar site highlighting my own security highlight sound you just don't know mess and they quite funny vast area. Sure before we started the interview and she's I have to have my guns out again I can't hide his face. I'm I'm glad that you brought that up because one of our kids when listeners got the opportunity go work out with whom I think she had brain only she had such a great time would you say that she had nothing but wonderful things to say about you including the fact that. When she came in she was worried about like this his first. Man that she said it was like all send me like he knew each other and have you know are seen aerial is very city and that she's she hung in there and lose you know we wanna make it easy we will not we also alienate anybody. Nicely to cry again what she played well you know she claimed that you could have placed the entire time it that everyone was working out how about that bad a bad she she really great. So that brings up the question what exercises do you do to make your leg looks a lot of around the old chicken little. I wanna know what to do. I do a lot of us lots and lunches and dialing two Ryan's. And do like Greg press. And so if you work person who wasn't there runner. Might be because if I'm running you should run as a means to me she's not going okay. That's not the only time I went. I just can't let what sold lunges squats yeah presses yeah and you can you can you can burn your legs. I'm not unlike political machine and stuff like that to address these next one down kind of line nearly squander the lives of yellow today. And an angle among your open your speech does not only counts you've noticed what's real and marathon later I thought I'm either way your yeah. Carries coming to San Diego in September oversight about. That's in a course this organization making time for us today and I appreciate that half mile. Trying to figure things we careless or was it feels so good she probably raved about them that you play for to have ourselves because it's quiet CAC and delay. He did this thing was like a straight up in as a fund partner thing because it was like she would Ryan. And sedition act like run a quarter mile and I would be like holding a plane jesus' dying it's like. I like not there and then it. We expect shop and here I come it shouldn't take it easy it really has lit up like bumping up to nine and I just to run as hard as they Cannes this year than have to lay hold of playing. Chris you on the one it was her turn around you like to pretend. Libertarian are all that I am yeah. I think I was give me again you are real lives stagecoach video and find yourself and tag yourself as a more pictures. Go to kiss Owens FaceBook page and we live stage coach for yourself as were already planning for next year's stagecoach.