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Monday, November 13th


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San Diego's number one for a new country can't sell and hammer broadcasting live at Disneyland. And I have. The amazing station up Marten ray gets you have been working win Disneyland for 39 years since that shocking I shouldn't be admitting this anymore. But look our young who isn't lies I know what do you do. I have the best job. On the planet. My official title is Disney artist and historian and as such I get to draw and design and paint but I also. It to right and we search and speak and travel and do all kinds of things so basically I'm kind of inescapable. But it's all about making sure that we have wonderful new things that carry on the tenants of Walt and his original artists. But also that we celebrate the past in new and exciting ways to save time and your New York. Denying me a picture right now that's right as we speak I think it will my hands I do you think so I've got her and I'm trying you know Mickey Santa to commemorate your holiday visit here. This is just amazing so BB historian yes what is one thing that most people don't know that's like super exciting enough. Vote gosh they're so much I mean this is it for our show right eye and I bet there are so many and so many little weird things. I'll I'll say one thing that's a relatively recent edition. There is EU member growing up the little golden books with the gold foil by only after the oh yes well there's a lovely little golden book that was published originally at the time Disneyland opened in 1955. And that it was called little man in Disneyland and it was a story about Patrick the gore electric time who supposedly lived here in the orange grove in Anaheim. And he is very happy here and then one day a mouse and attack in the big dog coming in with some blueprints and their hard hats and they're thinking OK yeah so we're gonna do and Patrick the glory is like what are you gonna do here this is my pick my. Please migrants from my house is here witty and well we bought it we're going to build this wonderful park called Disneyland. And like mildly that when I see it so they. They take a cop during that flight Patrick up to Burbank which is where the studio is and they show him on the blueprints for Disneyland that while his left lying out on the table and he's like may be OK so they build Disneyland Patrick supervises. And he says well I'm not moving out this little where's your way to handle this is one that can tell anybody. And so the book ends with these. The little tantalizing question for little ones and no one's ever found his house maybe you will. Well Patrick before his house has been found. And if you want to see where the little man of Disneyland lives I'm not gonna say precisely where it is but he has had a very adventure filled life. Link and edginess I accent. He has. Even though he's very short. Like sampling size of his heart is is being as a tall tree. Right then now. It's very it's I know what I'm doing it right now the airline angle wonderful thing from Walt's time this the house of the little man and Disneyland I love it thank you so much for sharing that you're and it will really any I thought I had the best job in the world but I felt the value we can claim that title that's incredible still minding entertainment enjoy and everything we do at Disneyland is geared towards happiness enjoyed also so I don't think we too are different now another donkey to think he's still my my decision had not. Yeah. This is the street this is magical enjoyed. The hammer broadcasting live and if it.