St. Jude Radiothon: Paisley's Story

Friday, December 8th


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Saint Jude children's research hospital is yes in Memphis Tennessee very far away from San Diego California. But the work that the researchers the brilliant men and women are doing right now as we speak to cure. Catastrophic diseases is going on and it's shared with everybody in the world including. Hospitals like reading children's affiliated with saint Jude children's research hospital someone who benefited right here in San Diego. From the research done at saint Jude children's research hospital is easily. He's he's here with us as is her mom Kalin good morning Kalin you've had some really. Exciting news as of late. Correct well this past October. Paisley went in for her MRI it's and it Liz brought to attention that the tumor has now shrunk so much it's not even visible on the scans while that's amazing yes I think it. Applause yeah. I. Use Paisley what did you think of went what what went through. Your thoughts when your lake. Seriously you can hardly see you can't even see it on the scans what did you think I didn't even believe that and you know that could be possibly and rain did you insist on looking. I'm not yeah I have yet brought as status screen to show us nice and you and yet that's amazing Paisley must feel so good a damn that's what you know cause your strong in your fighter that's what it is stand. Superhero strength I think is what it is easily can you talk about. What saint Jude was like for you. Well what an exchange says that. It's just a very magical place and they jazz and new butterfly guard and you apparently yeah sure man I had hummingbirds. Stomp all my gas cause so every time you walked down the hallway he. He butterflies in honing bags. So it's getting more and format and that that's amazing I mean what a great thing and what a great we didn't really honestly distract you from what's going on in which you have to go through and that's exactly right. Now how old are you now I'm twelve RA and when you first started going throughout this how old radio. As eight years on OK so for four years this has been the story of your life having to deal with us yet right and I can see that you've probably never been more optimistic. Yeah. Aid that is terrific. Don't take this back before you went to this. What two or three great steak at saint Jude children's research hospital. Every parent who has to deal with a child battling cancer those those those months those days of dread before you go to your skin just just in case something. Not so good comes out of it how do you deal with that how do you keep easily calm before that. Well you know we try to live a very positive life first of all her. Much tighter rate raise Paisley and to know that she's not a victim of this that it's something that's bad that's happened to our. It was a really tough decision in the beginning. We didn't know what to do and we didn't know if proton was going to be the answer. Buy it. Doctor merchant at saint Jude called us and spoke to us and explained how things are going to work and it really put us at ease. And we knew that was the right way to go and sell by having Harry assurance from him. We were able to stay positive and stay hopeful and not think about all the white it's. You know he really helped keep us just focused on the dated gay yeah task. This is why we support saint Jude children's research hospital among many reasons as cameras all over the world including our neighbors getting their children Q word healthy living longer with protocol for saint Jude children's research hospital one of those young ladies is Paisley. Pace in a mom Kalin are with us right now. P.s if I if you don't mind government compare when I ask your question because it's been awhile since I've been twelve years old. I'm but I remember some things being twelve. Can you twisting your mindset when you're in their room caused John and I saw this when they were first building at the proton therapy center. And how far underground had to go and all the staff for all these crazy lasers and everything that can help you massive it was Zia is vastly. What what went through. Your thoughts when your going into treatment. Good or bad. Honestly I was Viennese scared when I had a choice of doing had a surgery or doing radiation OK first off I was like surgery it is I am not in radiation. I honestly I'll ash lights radiation send that semi friends. It almost stuck in your home him but then we got to go back to my real home moraine but illusionist. Has come there. Yeah have been busy how old were you when you had to when you got treatment. I was ten years on wow. While that's amazing tenure olds and I do know about having surgery and having radiation rate so Paisley take this to the process of your proton therapy what that was like. 01 off before I even started I had to get faded friend mask OK and then it was again night guard basically okay. Ed go in my mouth and then it picked. Mask I okay Addai on the table home and you it's kind of Stratton. As a ten year old and to put all the stuff funny. How is it that you're not freaking out because someone jam things in my mouth and screws a ringing in my neck that freaks me out not I mean you have to fight a lot of. A lot ice have a playlist with me so I have my mom's phone I had my iPad and an adolescent in me is day Serb and NB over and done much in like less then ten and fifteen minutes thing. Do you still stronger because of all this yes yeah. Would what's. Would you tell kids that are dealing with this around the world right now that you won't get the chance to meet just for whatever reason they're on their side of the world are Winona State. What would you wanna tell them to reassure them. With what's going on with sound and some how seem to just helps you well liked my mom I says. Even though it's narrow doesn't mean it's scary that isn't really thought process and it and I have my can be bought and raid in your heart. Wonderful you are bold and brave that's amazing that an entity and. Pays income that can see is every year okay. We have a great mom TO and great Montreal. I people who agree Christmas okay and think you're helping us raise money and in fight this fight together they Graham you've been through a completely now.