Spy the Lie - September 13th, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th


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Let's go to the beach ocean beach to be specific Sega mourn the death BC's here to play. More and daddy. Are we with the to a Miss America frenzy like we weren't on Sunday. Now after it was I actually. But this dog Toto was she ended up winning the first miss North Dakota to ever win the Miss America and we congratulate her in our own miss California who. Whose name escapes me. But daddy today as our theme today forced by the light our experience in the beauty pageant I understand that you actually have some experience and beauty pageants. What real. I. Think she. Kind of went like talk I'm. All you like Tyler series before it was toddlers and here on television right. Right yeah you're like normal toddler and yeah. Yeah yeah. Us is going to be lying to you but our experience in pageants Debbie your job is to spy the lie can when you start off this morning all right Debbie when I was in junior high I was a third runner up in the junior miss Wisconsin pageant where might now let's. Was playing might tenor saxophone. So adorable. Debbie the stage manager at a local beauty pageant I was assaulted by one of the contestants. Our identity who alleging that (%expletive) which one of us is an idea Denny. You know. God I. Is Tim and a liar. Now I played I did play the tenor saxophone by the way which is the bigger one which was formed a look around but I did not compete in beauty tragically yes I was assaulted by a beat up doesn't. Here's I still can't. Here's the story I was. That's because I was in theater in high school I was asked if I would help out of the local burdens that miss junior miss pageant at burns more high school in Brownsville Minnesota. I was like gag got no problem with that plus they get to see some pretty girls no problem to that was the worst stage manager in history first of all he double load there on its intersect any one of the girls had a hearth. As her as her talent. Right I'd drop her heart tipped over okay your career yet we're hearing louder than harper falling over me answer a question for you haven't and it's allowed this thing ever. And but here's the worst part. Another girl was a dancer who do attempt to answer team my job I have one simple job Debbie in OB was to open the curtain for in the middle so she can make a graceful exit. I was so busy watching her because she was. Very attractive young lady that I'd forgot to open the curtain for so she's pulling the curtain whole lying at the curtain trying to get offstage frantically. And she was so upset and bothered by that that when she got off finally she smacked me in the chest so hard I agree for like a minute off. Right others that there is a good part that story. We ended up dating for a wide degree of from now. I yeah. I got us ultimately to go to prom then. I'm quite sharp this morning and good job he did by the Clinton. Where does that job of the family four pack of tickets for the power away rodeo. And happened Friday and Saturday the two tickets are at Friday and Saturday September 22 through the 23. And your tickets are for Saturday. Think you mean they keep pursuing a wonderful memory. A beauty pageant.