Spy the Lie - October 4th, 2017

Wednesday, October 4th


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Wow fancy new stuff Erica and Spring Valley morning Erica. Or does this by the line welcome to it we're gonna tell you something about the baseball playoffs which started by its last night. And your job is Telus with Melissa's lying to you mere Tammy okay. Erica Timmy if that's all right so I bought my dad two kids for a playoff game and he said. Still not my friend and I you'll want to go. I wanted to go with him play. Erica I was supposed to watch the twins in the playoffs but fell asleep instead there. I would what was has lied to you area. It is timid a liar. It seems she is Erica well done by the way my story happened. Yesterday. My twins over treatment on the Yankees in the first. Playoff game of the season of the post season I should say and I was going my friend Tom Costello at the same high school. Both Minnesota Twins fans and he said it was them on the Lleyton traffic got a couple things going on the office let yourself in these in my spare key. And make yourself a drink I'll be there as fast as I can't strike did just that right I get to his couch very comfortable couch and Wednesday Erica any note just because last couple of days have been so stressful and and I haven't been sleeping very well my mind's been racing IE. Hit that couch. The next thing I know we capacity nor was hardly actors mostly sunny and only really dreaming drooling open mild sleep. And I was at wake up asleep the fifth inning Tom does cheerleader but I am. Post Olympic. Easily. You know what music do I tried you sewing I was. I don't know those leagues in and he was I invited you over and I'm like the life of the party are gonna. Look you want to game sometime yeah. Our yeah if you invite me over to watch the game make sure you put in your piece of most uncomfortable furniture. Our eyes are we have a pair of tickets for you for country fest Christmas. It. You're gonna see Mary Morris and you're gonna see Tyler far in Midland inland to on Russell Dickerson all because you spy the life thank you Erica. Have a great day we appreciate you.