Spy the Lie - November 8th, 2017

Wednesday, November 8th


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And. Kim is in the hallway and Kim good morning. Good morning welcome was spotted alive Tim and I are both good tell you a story about our CN eighty experiences. In your job is to tell us which one is lying to you OK. Okay all right Tim would you lives are things out this morning. Well one here that John and I were at the CMA awards was the year that John rich and left the band a lone star. We saw him I turned to John and I said. That guy just made the worst decision of his life he ended his career. You call. You have to. Kim. One year at our CMA broadcast. We'll let Jake always in the use our restroom because he'd been her over served the night before it's. Why don't why all right Kim which Willis is lie used by line. I think your current worrying and why the liar. Yeah yeah I'm jiggle may have been over served video himself yes I'm not unhappy about the room we did honest conversation with them while we agree this any desire that John this is gonna end John Rich's career without even asking what he had on his plate after a lone star right but we if you remember way back in the day they had to call two lead singer John Rich was one of them. This song was huge. No theory member that are on it. Yeah I was a good song and I thought all what is he doing there are so successful data on rich singing that song still as they call saying they coast saying that their songs they took turns really the end and I thought it was the worst decision while what do I know John Rich is now one of the wealthiest people in national huge song writer I knew nothing up another talk big and rich. Actually guys. All right good job Jimmy don't yeah. There and that means you're gonna get agreed prior to joining us live on five a lot I Islam I just you know John's a liar. All right we're gonna see you this Sunday Downey did you have a pair of tickets to join us at our hometown hero crews on the horn blower. Yeah I love this it's what was celebrating our hometown heroes with views bruised and think Hughes. Out. A bigger snacks appetizer course we'll have my drinks. And Dow moon dog of friends are gonna be singing and John may get up there yeah sure you know I don't meanwhile once that mostly you know her and you are in the. Okay learn on Kim congratulations you've success leased by the libel see you Sunday in our hometown hero horn blower Cruz thanks for checking this out this morning and can Selanne. Yeah by the way that crews opened everybody's if you wanna who go on the good kiss when dot com follow the link we'll see you out there on Sunday. Rumors of me singing might be exaggerated the producers might. You have this thing it's in writing I have to sing it undertake waiting to traditionally been writing emails and doesn't make it official contract. Worked. It's been writing you after I wrote in an email and text.