Spy the Lie - November 22nd, 2017

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Sir. I know. All right Alison I'll be happy day before Thanksgiving Allen. They always Kellan has anyone ever showed you those little chip monks worries going Alan Alan and Alan. And we are seeing now. Now I have to go to the rules once in awhile but I. Sarah seriously check it out on YouTube it's hilarious the guy who does these voices with these animals and Allen keeps coming back again. It's a ground squirrel is herb aground on who's looking for Allen it's great. Romania and don't let it felt like your pleasure Thanksgiving the right tricky track burn them out and hit them with the parent. Listen it's for not a joke now and only be lecturing but deep frying is not for the for the a sloppy or for the a disorganized or for the inebriated okay is that it's it's a huge. In fact Turkey frying is so dangerous that you can't get insurance. It probably ever or he can channel that you answer it exactly right so you know each of you should be thought of dry. Side and try to fortunately mine at a we're doing so my water for about five hours before pulled out of school budgets that Newfoundland on the leg Bryan and I got that but just make after the drive fully freeze and you've. Hillary tell a story about Thanksgiving. That is a lot. Your job is a spy line OK okay all right Jamie let all right one here at Thanksgiving five kids one dog two grown ups. In a car coming home took us five hours to a 125 miles. All right Allan. Dave was once accused. Of flirting with the butterball Turkey hotline operator. Or is that all right. Alex. Its title I which was his idea. Would it maybe it is Tammy the liar. No I call for a lurch with the butterball Turkey hotline operator now that I wouldn't is never had a cold Turkey operator Tammy. If I'm doing my math correctly. Why did it take you darn near 48 hours to drive hundreds of miles now normally drive from canola soy. Johnson to. Verona Wisconsin is two hours unless I was driving was always under two I don't know why we called the team we were tax. But this year were coming home from Thanksgiving all five kids. Our dog. And something happened to do I believe was the drive train in Irving on. We can only go about twenty miles an hour. How many interstates and about every 25 miles or so we had to pull over and let it cool down for a little bit. And then we keep is we can never get it out of first gear. So it took us just over five hours all to get home in the meantime the kids fighting the only were patient talk he had no other dog having to stop to go to the bathroom. Yeah it was it was quite the nightmare I I think I'll be so angry and frustrated that might be moved to lake. Tears of rage and this is a for the vehicle to add those lovely dvd players admit to my dad and because my eighteen year old son now was probably four or maybe. You know yeah they were all younger and getting frustrated he's touching me she's touching me. Dad's driver like us and I'm just likes. How well. Serious debt counseling episode in this week in health. I have to tell you though. The last my old before our house part of it was downhill and I don't know what was just like going downhill par because my husband put it neutral so we have to worry about the gears. And everybody's like yeah. Yeah. I Ellen that you did not successfully spotted alive but you are going to get a prize for hang on us this Wednesday before Thanksgiving for by the line. Yet we have a family or Beckett tickets to the Nazi ending a natural history museum -- mission includes access to the Subaru 3-D experience theater. You better enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday Allen everything that you got.