Spy the Lie - November 1st, 2017

Wednesday, November 1st


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We goes. Andrea animal morning Andrea. What. We are well thank you for asking did you enjoy your celebration. Did you like Halloween has come to your house. I know we live out there not a lot of people out there. John just likes to say we yours any weekend and whether he's beaten them on the odds are you know anything. It's kind of weird Andrea we're pleased by the line right now and it's a baseball theme thank goodness as we move on. And this would be of course today being being set vision of the World Series you got a horse in this race to go over the Dodgers the Astros are united in care. A lot of people do it is game seven is making history tonight the first time ever. That these gains have pleaded Dodger Stadium in November. 01 yesterday in our neighbor black party the for the kids went trick or treating the guy set up the TV outs. And of course they did it. And sure sure. That is our theme today for spotlight giant in the pancreas cell and baseball and some aspect of him again stir things up by the injured one of those lying to you your job is right there despise the line we go. When I was in sixth grade and I was super excited panel that my dad was never more proud of me when I was picked to be honorary ball girl for the Milwaukee where. Spy thought buying. Andrea Hamels got evicted from my college house for celebrating in the World Series win for mine Minnesota Twins at. Quiet. Time which one of us just blatantly lied to you. Well. And. Am I the liar today. And I. I'm not the liar let me explain this. When I was a college senior in my Minnesota Twins. Went to and won the World Series was a classic World Series game seven. We decide to celebrate in fine fashion in in college boy fashion by taking an old sheet that we found behind the house. And spree pertaining win the twins in huge letters in the home from the balcony outside our upstairs bedroom okay. And in and it you know it got the job done people would drive by honking twins spear was in the air rain hot and even we got on the news that night at the big deal for college boys you know. So after the twins won for good reason. Yes I. Well are twins won the World Series are sheet worked but the kind of forgot I was up there. And after awhile the rain in the snow always you know did he did he didn't he win twins because had a big V into quiet and that's a big hit. As sol and about 34 months later. A liar a busy cease and desist letter from our landlord think either take your lazy you know whats upstairs and remove that sheet or you'll be removed from the house. That I own right so yes a celebration of our twins winning the World Series almost I was evicted. Just because entity has a great question mark toner about the earlier. Mike why worries Kessel what I just a little easy golden abdicate ticket now and college. The right I think that's. I think it is bright yellow sheet you couldn't miss it. Could probably left out he's you heard it flat and you know it was crazy. Anyway I miss those days and you can spy satellite correctly and importantly lockout there was no prize come you know we have appear to disputed OC to Debbie Debbie smackdown lag Davida. On December 5 at valley view casino center.