Spy the Lie - May 16th, 2018

Wednesday, May 16th


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Jolie how is gone now. All right joy today we have got a whole YE. On our mind maybe because we're thinking of our friends origin of that volcano right now perhaps because we're all really looking forward to a tropical vacation of some sorts right or we just give away a trip to Hawaii either way Joey we're tell you a story about Hawaii one of us is lying to you your job Joey in Rancho San Diego. Spy but a lot best of luck to you and I'll start off. I once purposely destroy aid inexpensive piece of dental work to try to pick up a girl it's. Why why. I went to Hawaii for the very first time last year and my first time swimming in the ocean I lost my swimsuits spy yeah. Joseph way. Which one of us just lied to you. Go. It. Did Tammy just lie tunes. That's. Because they're the ocean to have Jimmy losers swimsuit dollars. I. It could be anything. Yes that the true story joy my mom and dad we were kids my dad worked enough to get us all trips to. Hole why when I was a junior in high school an awkward time for me at wore braces I had a mullet. Acne the whole shebang now. Despite all my shortcomings I thought for sure. There was a girl on the beach with whom I could floor with him possibly date I didn't think however in my stupid mind that you appreciate the fact. That I had reached seniors in my mouth February trainers were showing. Okay. Well. That you know that retainer is at times were broken or were lost in your parents would get upset because they're pretty expensive. Right well Joey I didn't think about that I thought this girl that I could have had anyway. That she wouldn't be impressed with my retainer is so I took them off and what I do joy I threw them in the ocean. What I was thinking dude what do you words you were thinking pretty girl. Yup Lewis you certainly weren't may get mom dad got kill me or I mean how many get them back. I'd I'd say is here's the dumb part I didn't think I'd. Lose them forever I thought some hall open era gone. So yeah my mom and dad were not impressed they didn't believe the story that they just below my mouth shocking. And joy ride to work the rest of the summer to make up for the debt that I accrued when throwing the those three dinners in the ocean are. You are the movie parenthood and us. Try. I just pictured your parents like in the movie parenthood where the kid lost his retainer Amy had to dig through the garbage cans looking forward I pictured. Here guys you're parents like try to how we look for the ocean for your retainer we can't dig through the auction. My dad tried getting value out there you find I don't care what color takes you might not realize you know dead you know John huge body of water via me you know this again you know and sojo away today you did despite a lot in my Craig you know all pathetic I can be. That means you get a great prize for playing spot the line. Yes you do we have four pack of tickets for you to go see your San Diego Padres take on the Miami Marlins on Monday may 28. Current. Joy we have received help explain spinal I would Jon and doing a war 37 KS ON.