Spy the Lie - March 7th, 2018

Wednesday, March 7th


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All right Lindsay is in Chula Vista mortal as a boat. And trying to think was or contestant Lindsay on the bachelor this year. No all right well fanatic is there live it up. He's a little bit Hussein. Lindsay the last night the bachelor finally ended everyone's pretty irritated with Ari. We've got crystal from San Diego actually joining us in studio after eight to defend herself or maybe not maybe doesn't. Good to show she's all about B behind the cameras anyway that's our theme this morning for spinal life. First dates gone awry okay. It is lying to you Lindsay I'll start. I hit a first date in college with a girl that ended abruptly and also assured that I would have no second date. After I dropped a super. Super cheesy line now that's. Why why. I was single for a portion of might when he is in and went on a first day with that guy. Who actually wasn't even of legal age he ran a fake I. All right Lindsay which one of us just lied to you. What do you think. Are well this summer. We're gonna battle it. Can't rule is Tammy is a liar. Yeah yeah. Dating younger guys. I don't let us. Hated but this arms or Lindsay this is. Oh man I don't know why I have to share everything sometime I this never happened to me and college. But I must have been caught on a good day in this super attractive young woman. Asked me. To go out with her never happened to me in college I joked that the chance of course. We have we went out went to a movie. And then we walked around this park near the school I went to. And we were on the swings. And we shared again this never happened but. Moved in for kiss and it worked. And but then we're looking at the stars. And she says. But shooting star we should make a wish. And that's why it was historians from. And a. Because I would do her in my best. Player voice I'll boy and said. Mine already came true. No warning hole. On C was Lleyton. And all that passion just to its. I got balloon going out there she got there she was a class act or so I thought. How do you think I knew. That she didn't like that line. Probably your phrase give it away not really about the brightness told all of the girlfriends and it came back tee off and it was at the cafeteria two days later drew stepping in nailed it. Boy cauldron Tel logs buying goes. Moderate to conclude the. Think. You know. Nice job Lindsay Lindsay and I guess lead and a and for doing that we're gonna set you up for lunch or dinner you're choices on the border Mexican cantina. We get endless enchiladas. For just 999. And the corporate board I think it.