Spy the Lie - March 21st, 2018

Wednesday, March 21st


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Let's make a good morning Freeman playing spy Elijah rebels have a story today is about driving experiences. One it was lying to you okay. Your job business by the lie Lauren and I all starts and came Lauren Tammy Bruce's staff anybody else listening opened more than that. I was the victim a B road rage incident just yesterday. It's. Why why. Laura and I accidentally cut off the BMW driver who decided to give me the middle finger the entire time we sat at the stoplight spy why. All right Lauren. Both unfortunate driving incidents is which is Lyle was what it was is lying to you. I think game and it. I think cam is right. His tip of the lighter. But the BMW driver might make you think I wasn't lined an opposite field. Until Laura is not driving a BMW right now it's true you're right though is why it. And with solicitous. I'm on the phone yesterday I am a Bluetooth driving I thought properly. With my lawyer so I was a bit to stretch it that the and I am guilty and I cut off a guy in a pickup truck. I don't know what I coffee got to come jokes I heard screaming. And my window was closed that's allowed this guy was screaming at okay so look in the mirror and mouth I'm sorry and he's greenman and so I'm like boy you overdo I'm sorry I need to add you know I can I give net what do you want me to do looking he's just Lauren he's screaming that. Then he follows me and in my stop I'm gonna have me different for lunch pulls in the parking lot to middle guy we do in this league are good for new illness. So I got my car I don't know what. I'm planning on doing. I guess defending myself if need be. Even to go my jacket shall we guns cult like I think my arms up c'mon. A Coke. And I was the hot hand out. He he's they are you aware of how close that was. And I said on a C a wasn't aware I apologize he says. No worse. Thanks a lot daycare and try to watch. Wow what. That you followed elderly or stopped the car doesn't. Tom democratic driver I don't crappy driver I'm sorry well now he needs more aware you need to be more where he came into the Henis delisting by the fact I just said. Yeah I'm not aware I'm sorry I am I apologize my quote was gnome I excel wasn't aware I apologize I thought here is suited to graphic that you could get me. Puzzle sorry man took it turns out that he didn't wanna beat me he just wanted to give me an a stern talking to them maybe news that was your lawyer that was Erin anorexia and you're like are their lawyer you said about the phone with my lawyer and drive around and. High C lord Maclaurin. Iron out of the hotel right or just don't put anybody off anymore weren't you trying to BMW Lauren. I doubt I'd like alcohol are you doing now I just don't wanna give one offended. Florida had a great doubles final Iowa videos and everybody else please be more attentive while you drive. And a because you spy delighted that we got nice prize for real Lauren. Yes we do a pair tickets and having the eagle one and food festival will be at liberty station on April 14 you get the chance to sample for 300 winds and food samples from some of San Diego's. Top chefs everyone else your pre Sylvan theater tickets right now get ten dollars off. We using the code word KS so nice job Lauren have a great day.