Spy the Lie - March 14th, 2018

Wednesday, March 14th


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We got Debbie who's calling from loving girl big daddy. Happy halfway through the week. And yeah right on post despite ally our theme today on one of 37 KS so Ellen Johnson in the morning is spring break Debbie GM great spring break experience or maybe not celebrates. I went to Miami when you're on spring break medical light and I'll never forget him. Beaten is as good other forget him or horrible memory in them. The nice. Guy I think he wanted to lower round. Spring breaks like bags of my daughters of course. Workers are still on the British and joking we're in serious story about happily capitalized on spring break one was blind to UW can't. Your job is to spy the line I'll start things off on the spring break trip to Mexico in college. A guy got hit by my buddy Mike and spy. Yeah. When my kids were little for spring break base all wanted to go camping at the state park. And we did and everywhere and came back with poison ivy spy why. All right Debbie. Ms. Miami. Not. You think you're lying well. Minutes after in my life. When I was when I was in college. Degree Atlanta. I would. I and housing college that real long hair. But the middle my back and I was getting out of the pool. And I must I had my you know you you when he got the water sometimes you put your hair behead backs your hair kinds like goes back in in you know time messed up. I did that 'cause he didn't do likable flip where you know I didn't know I didn't do the little girl you know a girl here cause you know there wasn't a girl. Com but I did my hair back because it was easier that way in the desert you know and and it was. As I was getting outs. I hadn't emerged fully from the pool yet it's almost a year hell lol you and and I turley what's up duties are. By the way Mike they're still real close and you know whatever it was a it was a it was a wonderful moment on a spring break trip I won the weasel talk about to this day. Twenty plus years that it back to you divvy Miami talk about the. Yeah in and know how it. Start out yeah. For a swim bottom well I don't know what I read. Was at this speed yeah a couple emerged from a pool yet he was in the air yeah he has always always a I guess that tanned back in long him I'm saying to stop and I'd like to Greg Oden and did you did not by the liable when actually a leader of that Huntsman Miami story we without giving me a prize come on now hub always such up with a pair Tigger see Brad Paisley Friday July 20 that matches for me a theater. Awesome I just wanna remind everyone else tickets on sale this Friday for Brad Paisley to kiss when loyal listeners get the priest L code on Thursday.