Spy the Lie - June 20th, 2018

Wednesday, June 20th


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Okay. Then north to Oceanside say good morning to DeVon it DeVon. And well thank you for a Tammy I'm doing great Devin a wedding surprises are. Is our theme for espy idolize this morning John and I each finish your story. Travis pretty easy to spotlight palace which one is not telling the truth right. Our look all right DeVon ominous start. Nine means surprised her room. By speaking her vows completely in French it's. Well I don't mind. DeVon in my sister's wedding in November we all were surprised when he bridal party flash mob dance began spy. Her I didn't which was as you do wedding surprise lie. World war. You know we're so I'm. There are no I don't like collapse. Word is our bond. Except for what. We're. Out of him I have to go with and me and without all of French. Part of cool front hot. Nolan apple of my. Now that is actually the true story. Now my niece. Is married to the drummer for a band called Emerson drive I had a couple of big hits back in the day they tore candidate mostly now. I'll bet I do it is a couple number one songs here in America absolutely absolutely love their music. On any still around the United States to sound bite. When Emerson drive's first came to the United States to start promoting their album and their work. Most of them only spoke French. And Mike the drummer that was his main language he had just started learning English. He's from Montreal three French Canadians so. That when it was that would when they decided to get married. Heather work with one of his the inmates on learning how to do all her vows in French now the funny thing lives as we're at this beach wedding watching them you know get married and how others doing her thousand French I'm like. All I got she learned to do in French Mike Hsu standing there listening tour. With bought halfway through before all of a sudden he realized yeah my wife is due or browse to me infringed because it was just such a natural English people even realize it's a lap wait to rule. It was awesome and once she realized it. The tears flow now is viewed DeVon picture right now I can tell your romantic picture right now or on the beach there's palm trees this way and beautiful. Bride. Handsome dude up on there he speaks fluent French she's speaking French their beautiful Edmonton are gorgeous yeah. Hook up with a. It was. A beautiful beautiful sight to behold they're right DeVon you could inspired a lot this morning but we will hook you up with a great prizes for hang with us I'm gonna tell you and French. That I haven't taken printers voters and articles about their Little Rock. Yeah well I don't know what he sell you very. But we do have a fairly for packet to its for you to go to the bulls only rodeo Friday July 13 at the lakeside rodeo grounds. Our son got a bimbo or they're retarded is great time Devin can you bust out their prize in French. You know our debt like Saddam either shot or get. A grip this is and you're freezing in music by the way. Google the real deal is all about that Oprah and again. And thank you. Another book culture here Devin he had nothing but gold tirades yeah as they say in Paris enjoy it. Zoo Bozo the rodeo. In the summer 101000 tickets were John and Tim in the morning.