Spy the Lie - July 11th, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th


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Sir. I jade is in Carlsbad AJ and well thank you better than one of us was doing yesterday I was a woman yesterday and as today's theme. I actually hit. Not being homesick but faking being sick. Is today's theme forced by the allied. Are there. All right Jed. I wants to fake sick so that I can go on a weekend trip to the Dominican Republic spy. Did I wants fake being sick going to be busted by my boss while eating a dozen hot wings of Buffalo Wild Wings that's. Yeah. All right Jed which one was just lied to you about faking being sick. Carmichael at hand to these July. No but told the truth. And it if you got him. All right we got a lot of right Buffy got big being sick that's a good one now here's the deal it was a last minute deal was a mutual friends of ours who we're going to the Dominican and someone who was mostly part of that group couldn't go. So they called me in a Thursday and they said the flight is this afternoon if you wanna come it's three. A. And I was like Honda and Owen John and that was like Ron would you it's up pretty finance. I just packed our goal right why didn't why didn't wanna light to my bus into the west front it's a free trip eagle eye catcher back don't worry about right. Seoul last minute I had to rent a car to drive to Chicago that was the only cost it was to me. And I take off and I call on this trip. Did you realize. Heatley out in the sun in the I can't do anything like that because I was supposed to be sickened them in the midwest yeah in the Italy winner got in with. In the middle of heavyweight carried you can't. You can't just go. You can't come back to work on Monday night isn't bronze in the middle yeah. Unwary Wisconsin doesn't it doesn't work that way now it doesn't show like with like it was wonderful but then I'm like. I was so nervous the whole time I came in and whatever I had a nice time but it it really dampened the whole thing. But then when I got back to work. John the investigator we talk every time. Jimmy looks so much better like you've got lots of rest and relaxation. Tip if he would be doing it on the air it. It was so nerve racking. It was owner ran well I don't get obviously putting it into kids look an elephant up days thank goodness. It's not like I don't think I've ever seen you looking healthier now you must have really is at the island is only a road the medicine is normally Roma tonight. It. Anyway did do it and I'm proud of it but anyway. You do not by the like correctly but that doesn't mean you don't win you have a pair of tickets to the party. At Del Mar for opening day of the Telemar racing season you're gonna have exclusive access. To the party including tickets to stretch run admission and it's gonna be so much going on there including craft Beers and cocktail bars and photo boots and it's going to be fantastic time on it. A beautiful day happy early birthday enjoy the summer 2000 to get him to thank you for playing spinal I would Jon and Jimmy now 137 KS ON.