Spy the Lie - December 6th, 2017

Wednesday, December 6th


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Since I'm busy a lot of the what do you know. Okay. The office Christmas party additions at that time of year again I got one tonight. Our biggest and most important clients having holiday party tonight now we ever stationed party couple weeks from now. Next did not sound so we we get out anyway especially me out but their their ears were trying to say is it was like in Santee Michael. The more I don't you understand you've got yourself a family holiday party this week to week you were peppers here hosting it overnight low pressure. Yeah. Audio what do you make of what he's serving everybody. I think we're doing network and AM. Public about the word we're making Turkey sandwiches in the that would bring in amateur side this. You know this is stuck on the meets with a couple of cook up up up up. What are you looking forward to the most at your party this weekend Mike. They probably here in all of untold story that's certainly it's a little quicker. June and. And stuff they've never told family members. I know I loved solid party. It seems that all all kinds of odd things happen and that's why we are taking that as our theme this morning Mike person Bible I remember though. In a very screwed likes me more the most is lying to you okay. Okay I'm Mike how is that a rather rowdy holiday party. Long ago and was holding my gates' hand from ten minutes stroke and it Robinette squeeze it. To I realized. She wasn't my dates and. All right my company Christmas party in 1996. Took a very awful turn for the worse. When the boss's wife got enough fist fight with another woman at the party spy. Well I don't quiet. Please let them be true and Mike's bottle I noticed idea. I think. I think John has not telling the truth today. In my in the wired today. And it never had our party cannot. See many. More but the story. It's totally true love him back in the nineties through the radio station Christmas parties were pretty epic. On my remember one of where they they send a par bar bill is bigger than her food bills were officially a bar is what you started to call it. So they would go all out give everybody limos are hotel rooms and college drive race and is frequently heard together only only on 1986 rounds again and she can hit it. Apparently the free booze in Rio we got to the boss's wife who. Everybody knew didn't like a certain woman who worked in the building I don't know she was a little jealous I'm more. Or what was going on dudes sell they ended up getting into a fight started screening pulling hair color actually started punching each other. In the face had to wake clear everything out and taken away and the whole thing was is like afterwards. Don't we can really talk about it 'cause it's the boss's wife singer has thrown from the Christmas miracles and I'm. I've met everybody was so boring all the sudden the awesome tonight starts this fighting and a half with her mortal enemy. I don't know anybody involved in the store I don't know Romney they mama oh the box I know. You know that I was but didn't. You do you know without I don't like I don't really skinny there don't say his name and signal yes I'm back in the day when a few spike could happen and nobody would BC. Iraq yeah. Kind of chalk it up like half drunken party and might he says that might happen if your Bentley College Park this weekend. I sure hope not just they're going to get there though it can turn. Kolb his hand it's low grade Doug Bruno. You never know now I'm as a rely goodness I thought they were gonna say over the family four pack of tickets. For the Brady children's ice rink going on now through January 7 joy that. Mike your Christmas you and your family every part of this weekend in all sincerity. Thanks plans by the line.