Spy the Lie - December 20th, 2017

Wednesday, December 20th


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Okay. Andrea does is hum world this morning and every morning I hope I Andrea. I'm sorry. Well very well thank you for Penske in the preview. I'm. If you well hope everybody's okay. Our I will welcome this vital ally Andrea it is our finals by the lie of 2017. Congratulations you're dead immediately got in. And we're talking about gifts. Gift giving gone ride not how I planned one of us is lying to you okay. Andrea I once gave my grandma a box of chocolate covered cherries as a present. The never got to work our family dog puddles got into any half of them before Graham even opened its. Yeah. Injury I told my sister and a perfect gift to get her nephew. When he was a little turns out he was so terrified of it. We have to hide it and he never played with it and. I don't know why. All right Andrea which one of us is lying to you about gift giving gone wrong. Arm and hoping you aren't like that. Well puddles got to know a lot of stuff and got sick a lot of times but that was not one of them congratulations you are correct. They're human drama about it and number number and anything membrane so what happened Andrea is my youngest son Grayson was the read. Two or three. And my sister was asking what he would like for Christmas and I saw these really cute. He's called little hobby horses little horse and I mistaken when you squeeze it tears in my golf. A radio in this usually call this a long we were together I was with you when you bought yeah yeah you get elected to do. Super cute and my you'll love this boy wouldn't love yeah I got to my daughters yes so. Christmas Day. Can't Robbie gives grace in her presence and he opens it up he kind of looks at it but then we pushed the years. He threw it on the floor he was so terrified of a we had to hide in the closet he never played with a you know in essence it was a courses let him get along a steady I have no idea. If that summit do that you know. Up and here in my sister just stared at me and just gave me the look at by the way the next year when she asked my opinion bicycle he would really love this bathroom so she got in the bathroom. Any picks it up and squeezes radios it's soft Brad and nice area around the Rosie. Three or four so we're yeah yeah year old bathrobes and what he ninetieth. And you have for the clock. You don't leave it like his ass got up top. He's. Debbie you know my son he is really. Anyway you avoid appear to get hit into the San Diego international auto show it goes from December 20 through January 1 at the San Diego convention center. And I enjoy that enjoy your family this holiday season thank you for listening John Tammy.