Spy the Lie - April 25th, 2018

Wednesday, April 25th


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I know. All right in San Marcos we go to mark Kmart. We're doing very well today we are talking about scary moments on an airplane after the Libya. Horrible story weapon in the Southwest Airlines last week and I want normal was actually partially sucked out the window into an era of flights. A disaster so today. Scary moments in an airplane. Regarding ten near me however one of us is lying to you Marc okay. My best liked him. Flight to New York City. The pilot came on and said we have to fix something in the airplane before we can take off a technician came through with duct tape it's. Why why. I was flying back from the Dominican Republic win in the middle of my flight the attendant started asking pretty frantically if there was a doctor on board it's. Why don't why. All right mark which was is why do you. Partly the coup. Deducted true and bit darker. And I'd just like the open doctor on board as a matter of fact I was a liar nice guy and a. About yeah I'd be very well I just want you Buddy Bell and that doesn't that could be headed. I did but this is true I was going into New York City I have the honor of being able to broadcast from the legendary. I CBS studios in New York when Garth Brooks is playing Central Park. We back in the day so we're on the fly it started out great. We got bumped to first class very much it never happens right now hammering out there are some young radio people this is like the whole Israel we were so excited. And then we're waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and also in the I've liked. Article looks you know not interpret it. Our career minor problems backward into campus that Rory can take. Okay all right no worries analysts and a technician comes on he's got the coveralls on and he's walking by and we look at in his hand I swear on my life he had a role. Of duct tape it fixes anything but clearly now he went to the back. I'm not quite sure what he did there were something on the floor he removed a panel he kind of was parsley and signed. Did some things not really sure what he fixed. But panels that are later in the rural fictional or go to New York for me and I was looking at my mornings are part of the time and I would Emily. Are we can make. Are you give up with a comfortable flight. On the yeah it was a great fight and I'm an editor in New York yet New York find landed just try and Coke or I guess I'm not sure that tape was fixing but it fix something. That you point that nicely done market and grabbed. You know the shell you can't let me unsuccessfully to spy who was the liar tee this morning. Because of that room give the nice prize now yes we have a family four pack of tickets for you to go see the Padres to come the nationals on May seventh. They. Need a little blunder is able to appreciate that fan to enjoy thinking folks.