SO Much Fun at the Brad Paisley Tailgate!

Monday, June 26th


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If you go and see Easton Corbin July 15 as our headliner perky as Owens country fast. Don't be surprised if you get yourself in a big old party you decide to have some fun and then we show up. Friday night and I hazelnut. I meant we have fun our favor it I know speaking for you Tim I apologize for I think I'm very safe in saying this I think our favorite thing to do period here. When we go to these shows is to hang out at the tail games and just meet so many of you might face. Actually hurts from all the last thing that we do in the smiling that we do when we get to hang see your. Do you tailgate peak the interesting way shell issuer cancel and the interesting way you can download a big year. Panel what the deal was on front had several men come up to me in demand I shotgun a beer. Ever I don't think that's a hi I work I palette that you gush on and and is open it up untreated and and and didn't know anybody can do that. Radio in out her shotgun that day at an episode at biggest so disappointed when it can't straighten. My anyway we love doing that with you and a half. After 8 o'clock we're gonna play are you smarter than detail gear it's our outdoor concert season traditionally a walk around with find. One of the more a festive. Concert goers who are asking them. Questions that only fifth grader and a fifth graders should no rain in and we were blessed this time it. To get to people we actually had them play together. Because they've been best friends forever it turns out they they want to do it together and we never he had done that before they're inseparable. This is Jake and Taylor and here's why the. Really good here today. How much at all the raiders I Islam I have got some reference CNN tonight is therefore you can also blow it every morning guys are. These guys and then not inviting a bit Obama made no it says there for the I was so used buddy like that I don't know your I don't either. I know it's incredible. And super cool and the obvious he's still got a long my which was great anyway we're here more from Jake into orcas they are our contestants for are you smarter than detail Gator. I after eight is the simplest game ever for you via. A chance for you to win during the summer 101000 tickets at 810. We'll play are you smarter than a tale Gator and I believe me. If you think you can do it think again because sometimes I think it will difficult these guys this gonna be on the ball they seem to be or are the rage that's been that's the whole point with that. I let us an hour from now are you smarter than until your featuring. Lifelong buddies Jake and Taylor that we meant to Brad Paisley show you by the way remember if you got pictures we love to see them. Just go ahead. Hash tag KS ON hash tag John Cheney share that with all your friends they know. Just how much fun we have a right hand so I'm content let's spread the word baby will have the world be talking about us.