Shower Idol Round #2!

Friday, September 8th


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All right San Diego get ready. Having gotten sued yet for the solo -- go until we do. That's a good morning to a Caitlin alcoholic Caitlin. Got him 100%. Honesty Q do you shower singer. I'm a fan of the morning now guys you point. Well let's just pretend it's and it's a reasonable time of morning in your a great chipper mood what's your go to two in the shower. Probably like Arab man. Short rates are brought. That's a nice range. All right so let's do this. Ahead of in the to the three of us singing in our show this is just yesterday is getting cleaned up after rough and tumble show. Now we have added assignment to find peace at least on. This thing whenever we thought that would be. A silly song to sing since Tammy is the defending champion in Egypt an eagle for what do you think producers like yeah right to listen up. Two or three songs today and then we had affairs synopsis. You know as judges do in America of who you think should be crowned this month's shower idled and right contestant Tammy first. So. That's amazing Copacabana by Barry Manilow and I do believe Aaron. I do believe I heard so drop in the Shanghai and why did dig up. All right contestant number one defending champion Tammy singing her version of Copacabana let's go to contestant number two our own producers step for step what are you gonna be seen today. I attempt a Paula Abdul Saleh loyalist go to Paula Abdul on right to your grade school days and hadn't been home leg action in college I would sing to the air brush. Are here we go when it. He's been. Yeah. And I am out of character in the. Can clear this isn't a tough one I think and even. Even tougher now all is recent demise American Idol bag of tricks and pulled out my favorite contestant ever on American. No not Danny go rookie known accurate and it would not even Sanjaya. Mine was William Hung in which is why I did. She'd been REX. Hopefully. He's proven yet. Should banks should bang. Hope they do. We use your act. I was in. Atlanta and repeat itself. All right immediately you've heard you've heard the three contestants on non Hollywood I'm sorry I'm shower idol only one of us can get the golden ticket to Hollywood. Let's hear what you think. Okay electing. Handled it a little pitching. Into the matter between Isner a downward. That honor and they're saying she felt should help the she nine. The ceremony back the bill's picture singing to brush. Yes. But I. Think about why and. When John off. Out there on the lacking but. I don't. I never. Firmed I was smacking my daughter anybody's butt for that matter I was just enjoy I was getting the vibe Natalie of the William Hung of the Ricky Martin's original and how can you not all right your share. Yeah. We'll. Grade and we appreciate you thank you for bringing our oil that we're rightfully belongs I think it. Is that. The since I live in Los last month and. That was fun thank you for that you have a great weekend.