Shower Idol with Jasper the Elf

Monday, December 11th


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I also wanna Sam made good. I'm on my of failure before trying to videotape myself singing Christmas carols and public after accidentally deleting two videos. Having my finger over the camera with one I did one Saturday night. At country first Christmas so we actually have video now of me singing in public and clearly seen in a lottery I shorted too you on Saturday and I'm all right I overstepped I am ending dinner I have. Anyway I've definitely don't pay a penalty and we still reeling from her crushing defeat a a and the port and one. Christmas Carol version of shower idol and so we had to do it again. Let's see if Jimmy get richer abuse in the welcome to part two Christmas Carol addition of shower idol. See how. Let's say good morning to our guests two from SeaWorld Christmas celebration just. Really look at an aunt married at all Obama not he asked turner. I know I am excellent I think I love you you're sort normal here. We know your very busy end and SeaWorld bouncing as Tommy your precious after her kids there they they're still talking about it. The snow all the we'll have a roof. The friends can't tell Boris. Not here at a million high tech each one individually myself. Yes bird wow isn't that tiny hands and your very fast. Yes but he elsewhere saying I'm really busy let's move that's a long lines are. Check after another version of busing in Christmas carols while you're in the shower it's show our idol as the defending champ two I go first essar are right Jasper listen to all three of our sections and then. Critique us and crowned the winner here we go all and incidently whoever wins this version of Christmas Carol sour vital part to. Who gets to dole out an assignment to the loser. Let's do this. You know it's. You walk. All of the. Around June. Home. Okay it should shock no on that that's the Bruce Springsteen version of Santa Claus is coming to town. You're not born in the I think part of our policy you're committed you're. Mary Kaye all right our next contestant is Bruce's staff. With her version and baby Claire was sleeping so I'd be kind of quiet when I was in the hour in the morning to you wanna awaken may be ahead okay. It's a little lullaby I know you actually you know what when your quieter year. You you don't go sell off to a study. But I prefer more I mean it makes me think I want equipment used because Mardy and what I just. All it. Are right why don't want to. There is not messing around and I did he takes this very seriously we love that OK just for the health of SeaWorld. This is Tammy two weeks who she lost on shower I would Christmas Carol she's desperate to bounce back here we go from. Right from. The I am so. Good night from. Content there's no place to go home my phone and don't. And if so whom don't know half. And some friends reunion Wiehoff. He showered found laugh you know. Yeah I have no edits no movement now. Sammy also walling us and their improvisation skills. I would get in shape and out of there that was it. Not good I mean I love it. There's an expert at the IRI Jasper hale you heard all three of our Christmas carols for shower I will go ahead and to judge the winner and remember the the loser. Will also. Be assign a task from the winner. Aren't you where are you went ot. I mean I think you you've written yourself you are on the complaint in the game you can't get written columns let know all the credit in the usual. The cold Eric may. That come up in India. Jimmy is the winner. Yeah. Boom boom boom yeah. Well I wish I went by you guys to come out and they look at the acting like every night pocket there's nothing more public and making another statement describing in the other out. Also means to immediately sign producers to have something embarrassing now home like. So are you going to be doing any shopping in the next couple days I need to do some shopping okay so I think. That when you get up to a cash register OK you need to seeing everything to the cashier. All that's and I'm glad that isn't because we all know plenty. Yeah now every interaction with that cash your house to be done singing. Right K but in the meantime were all got to come up to SeaWorld and experience. Though wonderful sounds sights sing alongs that are going on out there Jasper the elf Mary Chris yeah. When I shot or do you follow Jasper.