Shower Idol - Halloween Edition

Wednesday, October 18th


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All right let's do this it's back. Two time defending champion. And it is my privilege and honor to figure more into our friend Merrill I'm Merrill Merrill parent or merely. Yeah after Merrill booked the talent for the TV show tonight in San Diego. And I job very subtle hints to me that we relating read I asked back OK return arrogance and you know she said I again next year she's glad she blew us off yesterday and. It's I think we queued up at eight Peter ninety Mazen and let's get and that sounds and everyone else has more talent. So Tampa is a barrel to tell all books also podcaster writers is tremendously to on the human being and perfect to judge from them who's gonna be green and champion of shower idol number Carol here's the deal we. No no one hears it as a detailed the singer Bono when we get in the show we become Elvis and we are two of the duke has had America now is returning to television we thought we would just do a Halloween version of shower idle this morning. And since the reigning champion should go first no really I went first last time as a matters to the Ricci all right remember merrily champ is those first Maryland won an honest will play all three clips for you don't want honest critique. Much like a Simon or Randy or Paula from the original idol OK are we remember these are all Halloween themed songs. Whenever your raiders is death shower idle car here's Chad. Do you think. It really. They have a feeder saw. This is. Other well. If you give a creek quick enough. I. Everything up I that was my nose knows in the show outwardly finance power I'd done. I didn't know that means our next contestant producers to all right here's cam me. If there. It's. In name there. Didn't call. It something. And it don't. He had at all. Didn't didn't. It didn't didn't do. I'm currently no go. Afraid no go. Pretty you know go. I'm afraid you know. Ideas are you longer than the actual thought. Ten seconds longer than you words ideally you're not answering Danielle Daryn I should think that when I love goes bus is known as a cosponsor for Halloween when he air okay. So that means you're not going with ghostbusters well. Yards on going to be already ready for or sought to get stuck in your head you know. Operation that was all the words. I thought I was forgetting I don't think. All right well our judges marrow or. Talent. We have great loosely. As far as we're concerned she's yellow book averaged nine San Diego mayor Earl of skull who's this week's show our idol. And so are apparently better and a lot of the band that. And our. I could keep the turn it on the mini me as though but they're back out in our air what teens. Great pain. So great effort by the day he. Booker upper. Step in being great effort maybe. You know a little bit more energy maybe use public body watched that proper standard bickering. They're technically there on the take my body like diamonds the leader. After their. Picture of applicant. And then I you know I thought she is perfect but he elevated the arm and she put ourselves in in the and a bad at it for. I don't really have any critique I think is perfect. Lol it's. Like I wouldn't be her colleague. An hour. I guess that means that man is a situation. Being a race that the reigning champion down. All while I. As you know if that would later in the day thank you to take it easy boards would have been a department with a little early for you to get those hi Michael Jackson things Jimmy take away and yeah. That's pounding. All right well. Thank you for hanging out there this morning and show our idol. Cause you oral pain EUR. A L pain. Armed and market watch tonight in San Diego. I didn't get you to comment. There an on line or it can be I ideas. And kick it out and got nineteen English. I think you Merrill adding if congratulations to really think you don't.