Shower Idol - Garth Brooks Edition

Thursday, April 26th


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They're special shower idle days immediately for stagecoach Garth Brooks is ahead Leonard stagecoach a much are you heard. Garth has never played stagecoach in his very successful career freeze might be the cheery. Onto the Sunday that is Garth Brooks is career who now now I felt kennel. Bad and good but I don't think I didn't hurt any any services here in our next round of our I see who will see a big guys did not believe that a very famous. Very successful singer right here in our building body of Marvin Marvin. Buddy and good morning guys stuck in one deleted noble Marvin we did notice sweet man a really good guy a series and I am pleased. But we didn't know do that you are you've got the skills you're on the one of the final shows of American Idol back in the day it's just a little they just a lot of what he needs in season twelve and fourteen and yeah. Mary and I think you tired and I'll. And Steve Irvin and Barbara how far do you go I made it to the top twenty eights and got cut right before voting. Where I. Was amazing still remains what is something happened that you were not expected I mean obviously being rating you kind of get an insider's view of of showbiz and how things work. But what surprised you. On the reality TV is not a reality TV sometimes Purdue stuff is BI I'll be getting you ready and T. Our Omar does with us today as the only person in this building is actually ban on American Idol who better to judge are singing for shower idol Omar in this case you're not unfamiliar with shower I'll order sings of our favorite songs this morning. And in this case is Garth Brooks since he is playing stagecoach while were in the shower. Your job as a former America contestant is a judge who you think will be the best shower ideal contestant while seeing Garth Brooks this morning I'm of this. Quick question should mark give us a little something of his singing before he hears RC a harmonized gonna put you on the spot right now what did you sing with him right I've got. You UN human practice reasons scales and adults it went. OK hon to my favorites on OK I legends OK yes yes. Karzai and some that sick and bully in a balloon show between islands. Reyes king you know all is well. Calm me. Not zone volume. Hello appealed colored sand alone and jeans. All you want a big the end defections. It is I edu. And. And me. Man mar. Roosters guys this morning right now. Little Rock Harmon of the ones that. It was a mixed Marvin that you are an actual singer when we come back if you can hang on he managed gay who knows but he hanged. Until 740 we're gonna while we you. Are with our performances. Garth Brooks while were in the shower can you hang until then I can't wait. Aren't actually about uncle Marvin is our official singer and he'll come back in about a half hour or so and judge this week shower I'll Jon and Jimmy the morning almost 37 KS ON this is telegenic in the city gonna gritty and traffic center are old Tammy is really excited because Garth Brooks makes his debut this Sunday at stagecoach yeah I am super excited about it we give brought our co worker Marvin in to be our judge this morning Marvin. Was. At one time a contestant. On American Idol hello appealed Connors saying all that tunes. I only know they imperfections. Does that leave you. And me. The problem is though is that we all saying Garth Brooks and an and I feel little. There are no weird this time having you judge a singing because. I think we could've done much better she hot topic but if you're some I think I yell at the three of us are singing in the shower Marvin shower idol contestant number one Marvin this is Tammy. That friends in low move please. Always game for. Let me here so. Nobody is there an element here in the song through her head us feet. Term view. Along the Sonics outlets panic. Yeah yeah I mean I know I'm not clear Anders is it and. This would be producer staff well John you are my brain who is seen as a lame joke that goes with the son Marvin then I'm sure a lot you with FT hear the singing. Yeah. Like yeah I loved. Sleepless night LA ahead in the they're Romo. Yeah. Are you don't. Think you don't leave I don't know it's. As if she's right now okay I'm sorry they had apartment here thunder rolls joke. And I shouldn't depend depend of the European shower with assists. And heading dozen other. Dialogue on the radio market usually asleep at the generals I'd take you pass the butter for these under rules almighty. Yes I love me. Agricultural wonderfully accomplished liar. All right Marvin are American Idol finalist you've heard the two of the three contestants this could be yours truly John shower idol my rendition. When I do yeah and rodeo to rodeo I think it rodeo let's find out. You bet they don't he'll always had blown. This includes the gold robes. Let's go back. It's both just. It's Thursday a bit. Do about what the road. You guys are around them. Scrub. Your shower in the ocean that. Back on all right Margaret on American Idol finalist shower idol judge. You've heard all three contestants with shower idol the government version crowned this morning's show our idol if you please. Oh my gosh well real quick Tammy I loved Lowell called to ask you voice. It is a step it was fine and for ski that meat and John John wecht all in and a commitment. So. I love all of you but my winners this morning. Is job. Thank department funeral notice Bobby had to grow while there are you circuits. And I really had a political term rodeo is your shopping on Rodeo Drive. Up up up up all right Marvin thank you for your time. And terrific week of ceasing lives of us you're against us increasing the National Anthem for the Padres in you tomorrow. Yeah around Mother's Day hearing hacking all right Margaret Court to that thank you for your help now and you're ending really the best taste sour I. Oh right up up up up.