Should John Hand In His Man Card?

Friday, May 19th


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Well that's why I think I'm a man Garth Brooks comes on the air to prove me but otherwise I. Had a our you know out millions trying to do is too funny oh yes you do this happened at 7:40 this morning Gloria what's the silliest give you wishing to get that you don't have via. What does Garth Brooks now have dealt expressing silly. How would probably like yeah. I don't know what they maybe have a deep side it's probably way too big for the far bad idea first and then every guy out there note the that's but took a bulldozer. G five. Grade. Ever got their note to be by their by what to drive what those. Every man and book one okay. And I got hurt. Well off and you wonder why I had been used on. And of course as soon as that goes. The full lines go crazy without foods demanding that night the house and my manpower. Mark is one of them mark what are you gotta say. Under the old rule the bulldozer I know that moves with the round and he wrote. A little bit. Listen he actually did see what is he five dole letting employees know the deal bulldozed it all although it yeah there yeah. Doc publisher. Another question about keeping an answer as anyone of the what are what are you put it in order. Well you can put a nice decent there was. Ollie these stars like accessories aren't there any good well. You can you know you can do you can you can you can you can catch the ball stopped. On the ground. What. You what you put it looked at ripper rather well is is a decision mark you can put us. Ripper on. What we've done well it says this the younger brother the double to rip. Thank you. Come talk with citizens mollify them. Is it costs them a good. Part mark what's the single to prepare a. Liberate that what it's they. Wait signal on. The ground extremely art do you keep it ripped up concrete get out. All well there you go and all educated thank you mark her yeah I got. Our five my single tooth. O line blurred all right 61957. Note numbers one and 973. Do you think you're smarter then entail Gator. This is back we're super stoked about this outdoor country concert season time that means are you smarter than the tailgate. Test your wits against a person that was partying for hours last night Greg Crist able to go. We'll see if you're Smart and detail leader coming up next 619570. Number 1973. Sales at river. And then.