Seven Seconds to Vent: Christmas Edition

Tuesday, December 12th


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That's awesome dude melt down. In line at the mall and that was the mold twice as we can do it why I know Sino. I'm Boston suction. Port kid behind the kind of forgot to pick up plastic clip shoplifting thing off which homework to walked all right we. We want to I got to the Sox on what is the it's and back in I didn't think I had to Wear an ankle bracelet right they gas up my question is what and a sexy buying that they have that I and wrong with you Nancy son. In just some Nike athletic sonics never seen a security thing he's Arnold and their hot topic I don't mow my interview red hot topic area you know. The agriculture pinellas I don't. Not shopping at palace that Ella and yeah. A little while I guess. I say yes. Having to go back there just admit than any of the parking is you have to classic he can't take it off yourself yet. That's when I'm done venting but really give you seven seconds event on the holiday edition with John and Jenny and San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS so I listened. I know you probably come on the air and just. Vent for a long time about what gets the over the holidays but. Don't want to hear that seven seconds however are perfect amount of time to cleanse yourself a bit of invented we got seven seconds for you. 6195701973. Staff get the time are rated ago. And second event starts the holiday edition and we'll start with huge Ed go. All are shopping their lives they all talk and now I remind me. The lack. Crazy Jenna so that was made second segment seven seconds of it sums up exactly all right Caitlin 61957019737. Seconds to vent the holiday season go. I mean it Stanley don't always it'll let Barney okay you have to we are out yeah but you know. They don't BS yeah I mean what via a new. You know you're talking about and we'll everybody. Daughter Melissa seven seconds event the holiday season ago. I got so the big hit. Everywhere everyone in town and a lot of big tire out. And then walked ever. It's that I wanted to hear up up up up up and wants everybody to sleep at her house this year though. For one day dishing out just in her room. Party of no see no not ever own barn have a big summer party apparently nothing here Matt you are doing it yes. You ma'am are you getting a bit at least you know yes I get a better. No earlier I think on the floor in Alexandria cleanup. All right 6195701973. Stephanie seven seconds the bent the holidays golf. Both annoying and hard right and biking at the way they added back to try to. Oh boy Atlanta. And it was a perfect one yeah. Little do you make at the parking lot before you say Al cam done and I. Next door right stuff and are finally we've got Susan Susan it's the holidays everyone's stressed. In case you haven't found out. Seven seconds to vent to go. And that my mom had Rick come I didn't settle it apparently during a battery not tinkered with and at the last minute it's like we're doing. Michael charity not. I'd and now you want me to combat any kind of feel like you did do that you're an and you press but you wanna eat some. Not you feel better not even vented their series. I delegates is measured time but that's almost like therapy right path. And I. You know a good word climate on might take a lot of layers to get through what she had to deal with moms just what that one would you like seven seconds to vent about the holidays so for ten. Actually so far I have nothing to prevent a bow this right now the camera and you know I got something our hair out. I'm starting to panic to have gotten one Christmas present yet my daughter who's back from college into having Christmas dinner claims yet I have no idea web. And there you go man if you missed a religious and is this the perfect amount to an event that produces Def you wanna do something humorous and offensively and. Yeah note it here at ground regarding. Only spent 48 dollars on hundreds and totally gonna do with all these stamps some liken them a Christmas card and not going to bite. Who. Ambulance Navarro stamp. And he can for forty some kind of kind of charging 48 cents. Give me a stamp and dealing iBook G force out there may have been backed off I like Dick Gephardt and I do. 61957019737. Seconds to events erotica is an Escondido Veronica seven seconds to vent to go. And I didn't need people are right there I read all the holiday I know we aren't they. Right there everybody in the night. Yes and I again how is it BC's this week and I saw some dude blow his mind on some four cashier that was doing nothing but her job that wasn't her fault lines are long India if fact. It was a customer's fault they showed off camera at a I don't know and and people letting stupid questions arguing about coupons I mean I I I really felt bad and if that was you I feel bad for you and just working in retail I hope that you get a break this year. I appreciate it. You veterans go to Deanna and CN TD and you have seven seconds to vent about the holidays. Go. I hate Christmas cookies that are cold dry. And when you've given them you have to. The monorail. And light and seemingly not a draw Chris Smith probably. I hear they're okay I don't bomb I have I have I don't know Merry Christmas try him. Merry Christmas I get through that. On the back Beckett Valerie is in mission valley now Valerie has seven sec is event about the holidays ago. My opponent second I'm a great panel we get what kind of a Stanley people are rude and clean neat oh. Job and your ice everyone who's working this holiday season. Yeah I can't believe that extra time and bring you that paramedics are on the job right. Thank you for that point Christmas try to and a Merry Christmas all right we're gonna go to you that we're gonna go to Roy in bay park Royce seven seconds to vent about holidays go. This time year and Hammond that Turkey agree that thank god for Mexicans who. Makers occurred. I would just looking for your holiday parties. It did joint venture between now mine a in my hand and my mother a lot typically take over the majority of the work but I you got to grab it soccer shop when you can't fill especially about the shopping pre holiday. And I thank goodness there's a lot of great people that keep all of our amateur look. And I Goodson and well said Roy the only thing is where do you find the taco shop around here. Effective at what we moved here from. For Wisconsin's all those years ago I that was the one day I was blown away by every ship malls does sushi joint and taco shop and now I worship. That fact about San Diego. I try to Mexican food that when you will hold the Wisconsin tonight and tomorrow night now I thought I know it's like night and they don't even bother right all right seven seconds of that this could continue to holidays because lord knows it needs event. This is Kelly get inability casino and hotel traffic center what John and candy to car collision in fall.