Senator Joel Anderson

Friday, April 22nd


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But senator Joseph Anderson is making another a return visit post is senator Anderson punch card that right now his cutter is tenth time us on them like that's something women that you get done. Chris decree from now. I heard it. And their ancestry to see you thought the pleasure to be hearing you know I'm such a wonderful day army tomorrow's going to be the lakeside. Great yes we're excited we had to be NA AA you're gonna be into a man and yes you know where you are running through me so I usually have a suit I'm from their run from side aside given all the kids high fives made. And now I love it it's a lot of fun in irritation healthy. That through all the Krispy creams last year when we did that I swear to god. I heard I love you Tammy about 7000 times. And then viewers John yeah I was right. I I I I pick it up. Senators are new company with me then maybe that's only if I love I love be nicer to me pays attention coming up. It's on me the 51 annual lakeside western days parading and he's been around for 45 of them that's very good at both I was as a lakeside. Coupled last week actually stop by as the guys in the eastbound who are all my gosh your place though thankfully that a lot or set fire to destroy that don't that restaurant I hate to think with the entire block will look like it. Lakeside fire department hadn't been doing it was such a great job but. They were just seeing how in all they were of the the community support. Well you know white you're hearing about the three young men from the start from scratch and they throw everything and on and and when the first since age in the first year is every Monday night. They have a cheery rain and they give a portion of the money that they raise the bad day today charity of choice but it comes in on a Monday. Am thinking you know. You're in your twenties you national Sonoma that's OK then how you match was he thinking about others his fingers were speaking about yourself and who. These guys are just down to earth they're you know weren't there the quintessential. Lakeside residence yeah right I mean they charge a community that always pulls together always has and continues to. My biggest concern is and if you don't. When your politicians always march you your blindness it rewards my next slider from. And I got my slider connection. Yeah I know that they hope to have a kitchen opens soon way that it's letters last week and now as they got food trucks yeah I had Florida style weather this weekend I just to make sure that they have the cash flow to keep. Rebuilding and making it better for faster the great gift bag an outrage we volume here senator are you call a couple of absolutely. Next rounds on me. I was totally as a candidate is happening I think that our ideas come on now I hang out tomorrow the 51 annual lakeside western days praise senator Joseph Anderson will be there yeah. It will be there is a step you're driving the kids when trying to. They cannot be shouting from the ambulance there the yeah. I'm I'm. Well he's Tammy and then losing end at gunpoint. Sell for even a knowledge not only grad I'd say innocence always play particulars are again you know I love that you are Smart to exert so often you do such a wonderful job. We appreciate your legs are so long I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow perfect thank you sir. Sooner Anderson we're himself visit number eleven yeah. His own studio whose party or.