Searsucker is Part of our Thanks For Your Service Giving

Wednesday, November 8th


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If you want to go we're seeing our office and we had an idea something called John Anthony's thanks for your service giving producers stepped. Took the ball and ran with that we need restaurants we need all we need prizes we need fondly to place to have a golf. And it came out there they come together. We're like who in the world can help us prepare food. For 200 service members and their families who in the world could get this together here is the executive chef consultant whiskey Orton grand hotel he said I will do it from. And for that we say thank you should. In the ozone is 200 people of those twenty. Excel at a lot Melinda chef Ferran NC you know from around these par I've got no thank you wolf the last bulls little wheels so listen we're not talking about any Thanksgiving meal here I'm looking at the menu and our mouth is absolutely watering my in Brussels Bronson guy in Al I have your Brussels sprouts a fifth that's on can we did that yeah. Did you take that whichever commitments under the do we get a look at them as we've had to cook with as he moves back. And do things in the states spelled it. Russell. Well utility funds given pluses and in this thing by whom and ability none of this stuff unless it is to myself in the really it sort of second here prepare stuff and you've got no idea how it's gonna come out plus some of my best work I'm really into that loyalty is so not. Knowing just put in your mind you're creating. These these ingredients to mix together mold together. It's your hell that's sophisticated that you know it tastes like before you taste I don't say not vote. But the biggest respected by the look the arrogance of chefs and you you should know IE I am in all shouts I always wanted to be a chef. I still have dreams of going to culinary school to become a shaft I really respect what you do and identity arrogance is a big part of it and Amy. I cough yeah. Open. But it should be allowed again it is also a very creative industry as well the best chefs in the world are extremely creative and can think of couple things like you know no one thought of putting these together but I but it works so we're really thrilled with what you're putting together first service members for John Anthony's thanks for your service giving we're so excited because it's already filled up we have our 200 service members and were full of volunteers. On a different note just because of going through your history of being a shaft what was something that you made you thought was gonna be so spectacular and it turned out to be. Little League injury back a few years destroy not only in the suburbs of pastry chef in niece and a confronts the soil. Islanders into something different and they try to make it desist a confront their own pigs intestines all YE played I don't actually know and midlife crisis hit it really and I've and those who he said pig intestine after I hit a. That is why I've sure heard your right does it wrapped in a sausage skin and just doesn't sound appealing to us Robin and he's been to a study of front self. I heard about it let's look. And it's not a chef aryan from assault and whiskey. While we also won I think seersucker restaurants for helping provide the mashed potatoes for 200 people Nicole's joining us right now from seersucker and threatening you have a lot of work to do. Because we're talking about mashed potatoes for 200 plus we have the right it's and a fan but I don't lot of entertainers a couple of sacks a couple thank you for getting a vote yes thank you that's it's our pleasure thank you trapped putting on the cement where where are incredibly thrilled to be a part of that soul what goes in the 200 plus servings of mashed potatoes and I mean obviously potatoes that hate us. A lot of finer but it has it's the holiday boom time and add enough you guys have. Into seersucker but and all of our dishes are kind of but I twist on the familiar American Shasta excel. Our little twist is tad and cram thrashing Chad stone or not you crazy because. Obviously mashed potatoes everywhere and loves the standard mashed potatoes but that's channel funds spent on seriously think is giving is rude to me. If there's a mass Virginia race that Wright Jimmie what we're talking about that ultimately is he's he has sent up there and stop I just did best bad mashed potatoes oneself. Anyway and natural that I did they are bad they're bad and I break them up and I. Messed him up and they were bland and we can't have that so we're excited once again to be a part of this do you do this to say thank you to those are 200 service members. Who otherwise wouldn't be with anyone close to them for the holidays which is importing us to get that chance to say thank you yes it's our pleasure act you will see putting us on all you bad man John Jimmie thanks for your service giving downs on US so. In all details are KS ON dot com from seersucker thanks to call I appreciate you guys very much and chef Ferran thank you as well John Jimmie thanks for your service given were so stoked.