SDMoms S1E6: Sleep Training Babies, Peanut Allergies

Tuesday, January 23rd

We follow up our conversation about sleep training your baby and talk about peanut allergies and feeding your baby peanut butter.


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Or even our conversation are gonna follow up from last week I'm ST moms that. I'm ST mom amber and do we get some great conversation. Going and our FaceBook pages speak you guys so much for sharing your comments when I brought up that I was going to let my baby cry it out I think it was those terms that. Few people in a frantic. Your baby crying out here. They're. While others were like no they need some sleep trading. Ever was an expert ray when it comes to get any kind of parenting issue at Illinois thinks they're right and a good thing even the comments that. When you read him at first only that person is being kind of harsh like Rihanna asking us what are your qualifications to be discussing infants sleep on a public or. Not an expert I'm a Jack of all trades a moment yeah it can I have four kids that's my expertise. That's a that's an even the experts. Will change their research changed. What's out there are example. Did you know all these last five years now my babies are supposed to be eating peanut butter. I don't B of free peanut butter are trying peanut butter like eight months old now. At our home. I'm always scared to introduce peanut butter to my kids before one and I the habits he's so as a BD they're having you introduced peanut butter him up at eight months this is to prevent. From peanut allergies exactly can you give a baby peanut butter and I was so yeah it is so not okay so hyper a little bit on a spoon and she was the exec on the spoon. Or an accident with the baby or me. And is she like she liked that yes no allergic reaction all it took us and that's one of food when I was introduce him collusion I do this in the parking lot of an ER. Sure I buy an. So they won't be electric has aligned you will eat. And that's where they could get alleged add and a I don't now the old peanut allergy thing anyway blows my mind. When I was a kid never had to deal with a whole peanut allergy thing and now they have to be five pack them a peanut butter don't count they have to be separated. From other kids really yeah because some kids are so hypersensitive to the allergy that even just being in the same room with them who had never assailant could. Sparking reaction sort of different tables in the future yet. Well yeah. Well. Never not once Alley for me growing up was at Everton Shia. Never even heard of it's just weird yet that is who I blame G amounts but then again I'm not an expert. It is we're just two stocky glad you enjoyed an hour conversation and be part of the ST anonymous. Like cats with us because a lot of times I'll learn from another month and their experience and what works from elected network problems so take what you want. Leave what you want Taylor for yourself just make life easier because I feel like being a parent is so hard so I'm going back to letting the baby cried out somehow telling it like rates and oh yeah. I'm delicate and she sleet and even I slid into the night they don't I'm a big report that's just not my thirteen head. And I'm sorry if cried it out sounds harsh it's not that we self. This is what's irked me and other people might tailor it to themselves like you said amber but from what I have read and heard from other people that it's worked. And again it's my third may be that we've tried. You could tell there at the face where they're just nursing and nurse like the comfort they don't need that midnight feedings anymore you're not hungry and a hundred is running to be comforted exactly. And it just getting in a better TMI she's eight months old I remember with my other two when they are great Muncie recede into the night and seed trade my due in here itself. I talked to my sister Paxson and how do we do this to my sister did the mostly training as well. The first two nights are the hard night to be seeping into the night for the third night just you watch and Sherry enough that's what happened. The he'd ideally like two nights of not good sleep for you or the baby by just got to deal it is day three we sleep in like a navy. So the first night she started her crying like out here is the midnight hour she's cancer crying. I'm not going to go out there. And did you get yourself a little bit yeah I gave myself five minutes I'll pack in which she done crying before the five minute now and so. All I did have to move her crib because her crib right it's right next to me so she would see me and I can get let me move the cred to the end of the bed so I get at least here hurt. But she can't seem mean and that'll be something that'll help pursue even so she Nick Price they cry okay. I picked her witch cast a sedan. It was it just rub their back but she like in heavy cry at that point like she worked up a lot he needed to pick her up yeah I was like OK for peace of mind mine I'm gonna pick her up a when a nursery this time and changing diapers that I know for sure first year. That the next time she cries in a couple of hours she's guide there's no excuse churn up she cried in the next couple hours. And that one I watched the time and then I started just on YouTube some nature sound music and that helped. Us. Outer thigh. And she's listing system H your music. It was in the first five minutes and then she. Went to sleep at but the nature sounds probably help you sleep you know kept out of this is like many. Taste and. And sure enough that did the trick and then she's up there is tonight. Night two children look up widens. And right away denial letter cry for low bit. And then I did the nature sounds and she pondered Simon nature sound did the trick and then the third night she seemed like a bit off. So it. Seemed like so evil and mean it doesn't to me it always seems like he did a great job they decry what may be seven minutes in total lack ended two days and I went every second hear or see it I think Bay's. See the baby being in a remark by itself what's good about my first two I had the baby in its own room I let him cry it out but I didn't. Just leave Bob it was you acknowledge a month okay yet they cry is get a little crazy. Let me go in because yes are those who were stars at all my god they were strangling themselves in the blanket or something had an immune but I'm not talking the horror stories here. Yeah she's in your room anyway so. Well calendars you see the baby C debate he's not in any harm's way it's just. And it will let light the longest minutes of your life especially if you are one of those moms like. I might sound like a harsh I don't cry when my baby got shots or the other man's. Maybe you wouldn't I see it baby getting shots I don't. I don't either so I did the first one may be like the first couple times but I don't blame her but I I don't harsh person but I just exactly. Severe super sensitive and your baby's crying it's like. Though most horrible noise of your life longest two minutes of your life and a real tough but it it's good for me and the baby yeah totally and biggie for your comments so about. I wanted to read a couple more here. How some people did let the sleep training help and none. There really worked and I see some comments here asking where's the day all the luck as I have my husband Brad the because it gets like. Our baby did wake up. A little too early this morning so wanted to see how that what riady. Her bottle and there EG. Eight liked. Each. Yeah. Arm. Out. That nature hours. She doubts about capture or. And see your technique works like our. A study out by you know that. Going back to Samir FaceBook comments. Carrey says we are not for the innate ability to sleep yes I tell my daughter to sleep an attempt to make crying and now she sleeps 7 PM until seven and such a great sleeper good jab step. But then there are others like Wendy who says you can't baby a baby too much letting the baby cry it out is cruel and it takes more than a couple minutes. And Sasha. Felt facility is it infancy stage. Has been deep bumped by child development experts. Google the data for yourself your baby stops crying after several nights to one week because your baby has given up attempts to communicate. Beaten and towns having yeah. You can see why so many moms have a struggle with it because and you have certain mom's saying no when you do that here. You're cutting off your child's ability to communicate when you you don't hit it out then again you're also be seen anyone asleep and you want your baby to sleep. I think you're doing great jobs that. I love it. This is the big government and not to go in with what you're seeing amber Heather says why are we judging other parents I have a seventeen year old and a white girl. The science has changed so much yes it's my oldest was a baby. Nothing can replace Miami instincts. They don't. A mummy in the state house. It's not judging on their moms that. But we love your comments so I'm taking is judging I want to hear what worked for you what didn't work pre. I'm taken it judging and not enough mummies in the hunt is back. I love the comments I love the dialogue it you know it's needed for Shire. It's more about those Pete and allergies. And what's CEI. Now Wilbur like what is to deal with them. Whether there. That's seen the site is seen so much. Going back to that with Helen giving my baby peanut butter now eight months either totally. It's. Mommy instinct is that's all that matter if you think you heard chilling conversation that Steve.