SDMoms: S1E19 - Back To School Time

Monday, August 27th

It's here!  Back to school time again!  Amber and Sara are talking about getting ready, getting it done and getting into the swing of all things "school" again.

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Had time my esteem on your apparent I'm my ST months thereafter a high back to school. All are back in and we are back in the routine full force Sergei was my first day back to school and my littlest one into kindergarten. Yeah and now I have all four kids in school. Weeks do you have all four kids in the sick no not in the same yet to stops yes. Next here I'll have three stops on the high schools who in the middle school and then the elementary school and no cookies or you're enjoying this year while it laugh I am actually his last year at the little one was at daycare so I have three stops last year so take me about our ten minutes in the car in the morning before I got to work that's before you can comment but it's a little fulltime job in January and a back to school last week three right. Yes I have my little one in kindergarten this. Owe him and his big sister so wonder one drop off from has been in the morning that Oregon mornings so he takes care of the morning frenzy. What is your favorite thing about the kids being in school. The routine yeah IA. I am realize more and mar as the years go via that we all thrive. Honoree teen I kind of feel the same way and I noticed that the last couple weeks. Trying to get stuck together you know like organized and and not saying absolutely not drink in somebody not down there haven't tried it on course because you know. You need mommy to be. In the right frame of mind. It's easy on schedule that they got the big debate in our house I'm curious what year stances on and new backpacks every year are no new backpacks every year and like lunch boxes and everything of course they want a new one every year right but. It picketed Jansport or something like Madeleine was a chance sports in their find really good quiet while one is their fine. No me backpacks this year but the littler ones that get them expensive once and again kinda. It kind of crappy after outside patrol from he hit it exactly those those don't last as long wall of my AA. When I was growing up back to school Iowa's got excited because I love like pens and pencils and taxation matters as a I think I get excited about back to school and even though they don't necessarily need new backpacks for me it's like the sign of like a fresh start. At least for kindergarten like going in the kindergarten I felt like it was a big deal on average and yeah I and it slightly too big for him I think it's Sochi. Like double its size is back. Yeah the girl and their backpacks. Car tires on for a few years but. That's so I would be on the first bank. He was agree to note here is nothing no end. I knew he was really nervous he was visibly nervous all throughout the summer and people mean so well but they'll come up in as soon as they find out you've got a little one going into kindergarten you probably noticed this too it's like they make a really big deal about it. Going to kindergarten are you excited and he would just shut down. Panic I don't they don't get excited and he's nervous but. As soon as we got there and we were actually in the moment he was totally fine I think it was just the anticipation now. So you RD had a full week. Of school right that's full week policy doing Izzy sauce day at EZ yeah both kids are totally racked. Completely wrecked. I'm not ready or two at the principal at this talk and she would tell all the incoming kindergarten families and she said the good number one being I want to tell you is. Your kids are gonna be so exhausted and they might have more melt down there KP more in a tantrums and whining and it's all par for the course and she was right yeah meltdowns LR that's awesome year I mean. You'll find out today I guess when they get home. Might just be event down in front of the TV afternoon passed out again taking a nap I mean that's not good for me I'll do that and now I'm wishing that trio here they -- are you out can't wait to hear how the first week especially for your kindergarten and goes yes thank you so much for joining us on my esteem on hammer I'm my ST mom Sarah. The next week.