SDMoms S1E17: Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 15th

SD Moms Amber and Sara are talking Father's Day.  It sure is nice when they give you suggestions about what they might want!  Dads, enjoy your day!

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Hey I'm ST mom amber and I met Steve moms Sarah hey pay out Thursday router on the corner we arid just what T minus two days now all gas because it's Friday today and I just heard this being this week and it got me thinking because. I was reading about how dad's always say. Don't need anything for Father's Day out do make a big deal about I'll just hang out as you know he knows the feeling healthy kids. But be really really do care it turns out they care a lot about. A getting a gift and be having us having some plans for them. Is it weird how we just immediately accept ads and is not on anything you know but then a month says. I mean they got outcome I'm on the I can't say it because excepted think now. Playing on reality they they monitor say where there ought to be recognized. And that it's got me thinking Mel my husband said. All I wanna do is Cisco Cisco ticker right let's go to the ball right on the bank. Sounds simple enough but I might over thinking it out just more and more. As a homemade car yeah I don't know oh. But still early so offerings to do something that's a chemical gas I'm actually not thank you nothing you know I'm actually happy he offered up an exact thing that he wanted to deal. And he nozzle slyly offered up at an exact against two weeks it is easy enough to get you wanted one of those DNA. Like again wanna street leery yeah math itself. We got and that and so covered which when you go width which company mom. You know last I looked into 23 in me but I think I ended up going with. Was pseudo code ancestry yes thank you Ancestry.Com. Patent is that every 23 meat from Mike Meehan my son for Christmas when you find out well. I still haven't done lion come. I don't think art I got her idea but he spit into his sample we sat league registered as advocates. He did his senate and but for some reason gotten except he spent in my registered kit so. I like where is results of months ago and then finally it followed up with a email as he time not most organized human being told. Not to kick out of first up at the line a huge step OK you are actually buying it but because he had registered. His kid as male and mine was registered his female his it was male. In a female pits others that discrepancy and I'd like thinks that it's on now they say they have his results that they have to now wait. From my results to come in OK now I have this if I'm gonna probably do that today actually. This is kind of gross and worked on a complete tangent radar. But I have heard from so many people that. They didn't realize how hard it was to fill up about little vial. How dare I strike and I and sat there for a good hour he's a mama mode isn't drawing. And you can't like having a drink hearing now they say can only eat or drink half hour he chose to do it in this does and is it not time. Oh yeah you'll I'll along to Phil I don't know things now I don't things Ugly Betty it's a lot to fill up to see you guys not yet set aside a half and how are you an idea opposite view that the real reason why haven't done is because there's that always that thirty minute window your nostrils eat anything and every time I think about doing it. I just say if you look at so hungry I. Think they got half hour now forget. Well and only in true. You know not giving dad the attention they deserve and we just did that we completely went and asked. They'd all the dads out there yet dad your kids dads all that should be. Exactly happy fires everywhere they are listening my esteem up amber and I think mom Sarah happy about it today.