SDMoms S1E16: Why does summer have to be so stressful (and expensive)?

Thursday, May 24th

We all love summer and wait for its arrival, but it can sure be expensive!

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He Miami amber esteem mom amber hey it's Sierra ST mom Sarah amber. Welcome Sue Herera next podcast and I don't know if you realize that producer staff she moved back home to was not said gaffe for all the word totally sad except it's for all the right reasons yep because she has little kids and her whole entire family lives in Wisconsin socially that. She can't give up her career to go be with the wrestler camera which is. And firing long thing to do to get early el imam thing you know we messer and I am I don't know if I'm. You know big shoes to fill but I'm solidarity and there is no no let up. So Memorial Day weekend is approaching yes which means. Summers so teams there to hear that oh my god we're on countdown we've four weeks left and our school districts. So Leo. I'm I am assuming it what school district are your kids and San Diego County yes. So that's different you know I I am not keeping count of how they don't want you have to worry about. Summertime with the kids what to do it and during the day camp. We just fill it with camp I can't fourteenth my gosh it's so expensive I can see why people you end up you end up in this. Situation real like a table I don't wanna be with my kids all day every day or shift to work. You can have your kids all day every day. But it is so expensive I would love to know what other people do because this whole camp saying it is it's a racquet that I can't afford camp at all my a oldest son whose teenager now. I have negotiated a deal with him. I want him to watch the lions. While on network I'm only out work till 230 every day stout got smarts yeah gas and fuel portable because my one daughter is like a course Campbell and acting camp and a pass on horse camp because that looked like an absolute dream come true but it was the most expensive camp. I have to tell you we've had great luck with the YMCA we've done not the last few years and some of my daughter's most favorite camps ended up being and the result of the complete mom fail. I realize the first year. That dairy d.s parents who are so on top of that that on spring break they have their kids entire camp schedule for the whole summer. Signed sealed and done so by the time I got onto look for China. Only things left were things Ehrlich. Mom I don't know that my daughter's gonna wanna do the right one of them was reptiles campus. And favorite camp the entire summer and he did is there ever get out camp and ending back and bring it and I. Only on how to do that they needed against ice ice baby it was the funniest thing ever see on the opposite kind of mum I am scatter rain I've got like 800 things going line. And planning out spring break and summer is always like the last thing I am doing and I regret it and I feel like a horrible lot of us find reasons to make ourselves feel guilty Dolly all quiet is Orleans Redick on the other side now. We both I have sold at home parents and are lucky you get to tallied during the thing I say don't parent during the summer is so hard and I think we look at them in golf so lucky and get a couple months off with your kid and you got to deal with paying for cancer and watching them right now why used to be emperor. I'm many years IA I gave up my radio ga to be a stay home mom so I I'm now like Everett both sides. And you know there there's positive and negatives of both sides are sure I remember when Gaza stay home mom dreading summer because I was it has been kids all day every day. Keep them busy it is it really really is now on dreading summer because I'm at the paper. Somebody go watch them cited both sides for shore I I have entered the end of the year lunch making slump. On random and L career. Pretty trial all out of it. String cheese guy now that's a fine you know I'll I've given up making rent is at this point as get them. Lunch money just you've got some body at up. I like digging for change in my car that much money doesn't Nichols I am glad I don't know why that chocolate melt the ice cream and a slight a buddy of mine. The kids like school lunches. I think they would like them but you don't make you don't know my mom all we now I feel guilty got out. Out there those don't cut us I am I am turning into my mother's she just she always made she always made our lunch. And I now have a little bit worried that they're just gonna eat them ice cream and chocolate on it. No like you see that up. Agassi MI blazer middle school and I'll see them when I pick them up with like you know little bags of chips and talkies I mean why why I used to skip that like once instead of the snack spend it plus I know that the grandparents will film up with sugar. Really good. A little something healthy. I can happily Summers are on the corner and now I zona prepared let's just not let our brains go very Abbott yes. Wait let memorial weekend that through Memorial Day weekend and how little find any from plans for the family for her memorial I want to stick around close to home we've got a community pool and everybody tends to gather there so it's easy have you guys I'm taken against the Vegas for the weekend. Right now let's not act. Many years Annan at the very very special occasion I don't get to take them out very off ball exciting half time I will link is so much you have the memorial weekend as well you to a happy end this earlier guys hang in there yes comments yeah. There amnesty mom amber and I nasty money Sara Lee Anthony.