SDMoms S1E15: Celebrating Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 9th

We wonder...should pregnant, first-time moms celebrate Mother's Day?

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Hi every line I am not my esteem mom amber and today I have to look all just how you're not necessarily new causes it to new voices but. Podcast once and I have news or Jessica and and we have to scare up another mine ST mom she doesn't warnings on Sonny any point one guy. I've got two little ones seven and and a half year old seven and three quarters to help pump ordinary courts almost eight and a five year old little boy to jail. You always know I'm sorry the oldest one is a girl okay there older one is a girl and the younger one is boy very nice and uneven in San Diego. Oh I moved down here to go to STS yield back in 96 so. I stated I loved so much stayed in Cologne and then Jessica she's got a gun in the and and I I. Why not go away due September. 4 it is up lie. I'm sorry ain't. I'm says that boys wanted to boy first so it worked out perfectly for me and now he's going to feel the baby move which I love that feeling in us on this morning like. One of my favorites was whenever they have hiccups in new era I got such a politically yeah yeah it's great. That's on its so insane and magical that didn't even feel real good story it's still does and like I think when he gets fully moving. Because they only feel a little bit every wants wallets he does not hasn't. Much is and I know he is moving because when we saw a sonogram all he did was hit I thought I was insane. An ever tell I didn't even measure like his heartbeat he always kicks. So I know he's moving but I just not feeling a lot more like flutters right down flutters here and merits not very frequent but I think once it gets more crazy. It'll start to zero and then I fast forward to the end hampered not about what you'll see a fully grown like an elbow just don't show you who might. Cross your whole OLE I took video of it with my last daughter because at that point iphones where you know the norm event. I was singing video of and it it looks like an alien it's bizarre and it is breaking the sweetness it changes the shape your ballot I went in as little alien a that's funny while another day is this weekend. Yes yes it's a huge questions I'm I have you know mommy groups now that I am I'm gonna be a mommy I join a couple of on FaceBook. And this topic came up the other day. That this woman was getting punished seem to buy other moms. Because she was celebrating mother's age she's a first time mom she hasn't had a kid yet another most are going. You're not a mom yet it's so. It's not really right for you celebrate yet the kids just on the way you're not a mom you shouldn't you know it's not really a celebratory thing in. Became like a big time because people like no and yes no yes no they're gone with what both ways I wanna be here guys is opinions. As mothers what do you think is it allocated celebrate Mother's Day if I'm not. I have and the kid yet MI technically imam. I was literally just gonna ask you what your plans are for Mother's Day where so I totally honest I don't yeah I hear my Kate bad day I know it's jail it's also special and it goes by so fast I mean there may only be a couple times in your whole life. 1234. Times in your life but you should celebrated as much as you can. Yeah and you you are a mom right now you got a baby in there and yeah we urgently suddenly like oh this is the days that I actually. And not his giving presents to now are doing some things are now somebody could action and it just feels weird you get any day now. And to celebrate USA go for it so what do you guys and from SA. I'm with you Gator by the bank. Yeah yeah yeah with the with the cats we think is some other friends we got a hotel them Aaron we're gonna pan to get ready cash Ben's grandmother is still alive which is off some and so organist spend the day with her gonna take her out to lunch with the cousins and all the kids and really kind of make it about her. So amazed at night it's so much luck. That generational. Celebrations. Because you to learn so much from other generations just. About life in general being a mom being a parent. It's so incredible to see our kids interacting with her too because I didn't get to grow up with my grandparents around. And so to see them being showered by the love of not only their grandparents but great grandparents is really spectacular super dad is really special that is so awesome. Well normally an Mother's Day I tell the kids all I want is to sleeping. You wake up my medical art. Husband and I only ask for is again I don't ask for anything else or you know make me something that any of macaroni necklace and then via a little time twice in the does that add to that better than last stand. How that I have friends who say all want for Mother's Day is to spend a day alone. Yeah me that I yeah. Is a lot of moms are just like I just wanna day elated day for me it is my day in as much as I love my kids I spent all my time with them it's perfectly fine to be like this in my day. I'm gonna go ahead and have it just reminds them that is the other moms who shame that I get and I shining the daily and and average check money gaming is the Rio all I've learned that already and Europe's greatly already got I round it's really weird. I've posted a pitcher some land. That I was at Disneyland. And as pregnant as a person going to do as a pregnant it was like why are you going to Disneyland when you're pregnant why what's the point sound like you could do any thing and I was like. So I should actually well you. I consider Eaton and that's fine. A lot of just I'm the one place that you actually there's a lot of writes that whenever you know on him when you know anything council. But I was like oh this is my first Shimmy that was like at eighteen weeks about how they can't start eight. That's a shame edition be that way but their outing. So my allergy count people out NASA mom celebrate even if it's your first time mom I guess it's good solid meal. Thank you so much everybody built read comments and up post your thoughts and opinions on Mother's Day and not welcome Sarah odd seeing the program analyzing how do you do you guys you so much for upcoming city I had to listen and the IMI has. MI ST monsoon era and I'm my ST I'm just yeah. And seen exiting.