SDMoms S1E14 - Talking To Kids About Marijuana and Sex

Friday, April 20th

On this 4/20 day, we talk about difficult subjects.  With it legal now in California, how do you talk to kids about marijuana?

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Not client ST mom amber I'm at the box that how is it well and happy fourth funny ha ha just Embraer. Now what you did talk about this with now that it's legal in California. How do you talk with your kids about it Howard the school's handling that you're kids are much mine minority even in school. I mean we did a little preschool for price my idol but they're not too many think. Are they talking the that would preteens well you know on I'm not sure if there's like you know we had the air yes I don't think there's a dare program haven't heard about it yet come but I had two boys that are in middle school one. Com who know what sports when he means half. On the not because of my parenting Ernie coming up exposed to you know other kids get older kids. And we do live in California now where it is legal so it is such interesting. Thought process of how do you raise kids when now marijuana is legal when you not I have been raised where marijuana was evil I know well and sell its its fine dance. End com. From what I've talked to the kids about when they ask me about it they have asked questions and suddenly I can never done and Obama. Can come in knowing that it is legal this is what I told them. Your brains are still developing. You don't wanna gets exposed to look you know marijuana at a young age because it could affect in the development of your brain plus it isn't legal for you could as your underage. But as an adult you know it could be some things that you do occasionally as a treat but right now I just think it's best you kind of steer clear. As a brain developing next week the only thing I think the thing hey you know so tough because I'm not dumb they're gonna try it at some point you know I'll have Shiller yeah I mean I know I did and I think in fourteen my first trying to you know probably shouldn't say that could. Let's head up high I got back at it yes. I know they Glenn Beck tell you said we were taught it's all eat Molson we have that in our brains but now was growing up and alcohol just did Andy ear your bond buyer ear fight with that. Like come out alcoholic so much who were worse I feel like alcohol is the gateway drug as opposed to marijuana with Bateman we don't we are kids it was called marijuana thinking we. All of so much worse than me more stupid things yet you know drunk than I am ever get stoned and biggest donate this money eaten lap and watch TV hurt but I mean that's. That's the truth that they you know but none is definitely interesting and I just saw something on Huffington Post women on FaceBook they had posted. Is really funny Adam link the exhaustive list of everyone who's died of a marijuana overdose and it's still the same number since last post in 2013. 00. People have died from an overdose where if you look at alcoholism numbers that stood and over top. Okay that's cool and I remember when I was growing up and the school would be do we need certain things that we teach the kids my mom with the mom that said no she would not allow much like I wanna be on that teaches you XX and the drug d.s. You know so she would have to teach me about it but she was the one that was really strict and really harp like. No everything's eve ball it's horrible it should be popping Excedrin every single day. I don't play. Well they're justified mom. It's up I'm glad that you had that jet with your kids eat it seems like he did it just I know I don't I don't know I don't know I have no idea of how old you know it's just definitely a different conversation in 2018. Between a parent and child and it was seen in the eighty's and ninety's. On your high do you think only count when it comes to and it's time when you know Bryson an old man you're hurting. Now that what do you think your response would be and I I love eerie spot so I'm going to try to jot that down so intent here. Content right on the future you brief still developing at what you do as a teenager is gonna affect how you ours and adults so be careful and you never know what. Drugs lead to other drugs or why it. Is in this certain drug like just me or surgeon. Picture around there right people to I think like it's important just to be honest and real about the topic you know com. This being in denial is not gonna do anyone any good you know so when my son is. Talked to me and ask questions. I try to do is open and honest as I possibly can do a limit you know on the and a leg indulgent like all my experiences growing up you know but. I just. And I am. Definitely a different time raising kids in this do you think marijuana lake evil old diesel have that mindset. I kind of have that mindset. Because. Of how I was three yeah I that I and seeing all the research now on aches and my friends and family who have actually benefited from. It in a healthy way right that helping them in certain health aspects verses the painkillers. And the pain pills. I've seen that with those are we work out exactly so well I think there was stuff way back in the day were it was made to be such an evil drug because. The government couldn't make money from its right now Leon out of her shirt and our colleagues those things behind the scenes that we find out years later like this company was trying to. Become the new drug companies so say marijuana is. Well and well what appeals pretty big and a weary certainly Atlanta politics and hands and big and RNC. Has so the more we talk about the markets exposed aptly more people in the hope that the truth comes out how high the triple center. And any other rocker conversations that you had to deal it yet with your preteens and teens how did you deal at the sex at topic time around them that or is it different because. Your shoulders eight year old his kids are employees to do they chat with dad about that there. I am sure that had conversations with their dad come on Matt shore casino on the Internet are divorced and come but ask random questions and I am really just kind of I'm just really a direct to win them with my response is an honest you know I try to be. Very like scientific it yeah scientific and very scientific because after all sex is just part of life you know and any don't wanna I don't wanna give them any kind of like. Emotional weirdness about it now when I'm more scientific and hopefully they'll. Speed more scientific as well and now know that's perfect because I remember my mommy and I mean one of the books like. I know this is a conversation that mightn't be if you talk about everything you're going through soul and normal and natural. And I remember like a look into the book in the visuals really like yeah yeah. I don't really hear exactly. And so I to understand where you're coming from with trying to say just tip again stating the facts and making them feel. Come couple that's making them feel comfortable to come and ask if a question and you're right like just. Any questions a good question you know it's everything is normal any veneer wondering about. Everyone wondered about that are in house so. Ice and never in dialogue with them of funny conversation that I did not have a my parents but I went to the dictionary. Because it over to term on the school bus back in the dam like and I just pretended to laugh a lot like I know what you guys are laughing about with that term. And so I go all night look it up in the dictionary. And I found not like to that specific term was it had to do with oral up. Every time I. Remember early in the dictionary and it was because it's so yeah that finally and put I do not ethnic appearance. And not thinking back since dissatisfied Munich picturing it great stepping going to the dictionary like. I. Eric athletic image piano on down we'll see how that conversation pans out when I've to deal with that so it straight now I should soak up. My little toddlers when they are driving me crazy with other things but at least I don't have to do that yeah. They're asking why that's what. I'd like that's easy question yeah and they get really am Carlyle but yeah and racist time okay well. The harder questions come soon could not wait for joining us now our conversation would love to hear your. Feedback and those bunt crazy conversations you've had with your kids and how you deal with them again what your opinion is that Hans you talk about marijuana and and sex acknowledge suffered a tear your opinion thank you so much for joining IST I'm stat I'm ST mom amber have a great day.