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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna come San Diego radio stations and Carrie Lee. The San Diego humane society provides vital services to animals and people. I sheltering and adopting out animals providing training classes investigating animal cruelty and neglect. Presenting education programs and much more. Joining us this morning to San Diego humane society medical director doctor Cynthia Mitchell. And director of communications. Elizabeth pixie welcome not doctor Mitchell and Elizabeth. Arnie Gary harried Ed good to see both of you. On has look at how Bosnia humane society mean. In San Diego. Gary the humane society has been a member of this community for a 136. Years. 136. Yes we started I'm really as a society for orphaned. Children and then evolves on to actually be a shelter for animals. Those first for or or until children brilliant and I won't know that yes was it always known as the humane society and yes. 436. Years 136 years what is the the mission of the humane society it sent to inspire compassion. And the way mom for me no way I look at that Kerry is that if I can inspire compassion and people for animals. Then. I can help inspire them to be more compassionate to one another because animals relieved to bring us together. Yes that is definitely. Now you aria and independent nonprofit not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States right that is correct. What makes the humane society different than shelters. Here in San Diego. I think that Hamlet makes a difference really is a breath of our programs we have a lot of different programs. Within the medical on the field and inhumane lie and adoptions that that perhaps that shelters don't house and I think those from. Think this unique. And some wind we have plenty of shelters and and to an extent you're kind of shelter to amuse you take you know Dawson in cats and other animals and you have several locations don't you main campuses on dean street right that's cracked and where your others. We have campuses both an Oceanside and in asking India. And Gary I like to. Add on to a doctor Mitchell said about what makes. A swan and a kind. We knew look ads the humane societies. That are. At least three areas of distinction that we feel. Are unique and one of those is sex kitten nursery. Which is closing down our kids nursery and I'm not constituencies in this kind of you know. And that declined. But we provide care for those kittens 724. Starting I think. March. Part time thing yeah how we can yes spring. On the until about now. And the other area that we see as an area of distinction as a whole involvement with project wildlife. We actually take in about 101000 wild animals every year. That need to be rehabilitated and then be released you know into our community are great bio diverse. You know San Diego environments and fair that we look at is really our behavior Centre com one of the great things that happens and we have animals coming in. To the San Diego humane society. In sometimes they have aggressive behavior. And while we can do is take them down to our behavior senator witches at our old location chairman Mickey where you adopted yet your your past. And tweaking actually work with behavior modification and help those animals. Transition successfully into. New homes and you mentioned I doubt yes I did adopt. A dog from you. Ten years ago. And that was it chairman you were back there on Sherman isn't you know and benefit gains blockades NASA sending a campus because it's about thirteen years I'll say yeah. And yeah there yet. An end and so in everybody knows he humane society for their options that's that's a big part of what you do. So that's why should you kind of like a shelter in a way is it two but but you do so much more. Then adoptions there and a doctor Mitchell you how long you've been with for a humane society. I've been with the humane society on seven years now and before that I worked as an in San Diego since 1997. Where would you come from before I was an punched an and it's had graduated from UC Davis OK to. Shortly after graduation and beautiful pending and I haven't left sense and usually happens and moved here 32 years ago so. I was told us to come and check it out to check it out in all I can go home friend of mine told me that silent all the time. That is on your am 32 years later still here just check that's right. Again that the humane society does does a lot more than just adoptions and and was that he mentioned some of those other. Aspects of what he would humane society does he also offer basic medical care. We provide fairly extensive medical care to animals that are that warehousing that we are sheltering that are that are in our care. And we have some services that we can offer to the public Opsound are really important. One of the missile costs commuter so we have to programs that fat and the other really important programming habits vaccination clinics we have vaccination clinics depending on the location. Every weekend it's you know on Saturdays and Sundays and I was strongly encourage people to. Take a look about if they are struggling and getting their pets vaccinated. Their great opportunities and resources and and there are low cost clinics right yes and the costs and there's any special requirements. There are really out of for the Spain editor it's really targeted act reproductive age healthy animals so if you have a special needs animal. That is probably something you should work with you or veterinarian on. But if you know you have any young healthy diet you're just struggling to it's made me sad you know commitment to get her spade foresee them reproduces. Or if you're having unwanted litters of animals and definitely reach out tasks and the and you said that basic medical care is for the animals that you are housing there. Right so nobody is not like he just walking with your pets now unfortunately don't have I'm wellness clinics are are public clinics right now but. There's always talk and if there's enough need that media programming developed in the future and you have vets at each of your locations now grab lucky enough. To get out and support from them on our donors from multiple paths at every location and that's huge considering the number of animals that we do through each year just like kind of give you an idea. How bikini societies ground in the last 6% in years when I came on board we were moving through about. Between four and 5000. Animals three year. And that's dogs cats rabbits and a basic pet that's not the wildlife piece of and now it's just pushing eighteen pounds and now it's it's really. Developed into a big program and the reason that happened was because of such news in the community so our CEO doctor weitzman. Saw the need and he has really been driving programs to support the community needs. And these when you mention that number of of animals these ones that are adopted out. Yes these are dogs cats rabbits Guinea pig it's such that we adopt out to art and you don't take just any animal right meat kick and wide variety of and I think that not everybody but quite a few we're a little limited on livestock. OK okay if you know the space for her right right at the electricity really ten house my sockets are asking each application have a the proper and facilities for housing them comfortably there. Sally app and one that's Oceanside Indians there and in March you know city tech area and it's harder to do that in dogs cats rabbits Guinea pigs. Quite human he thinks and I. And I can attest the adoption process America's again I adopted my dog ten years ago there and it's it's a very friendly. And down. I was allowed to have to take the dog out. And and meet with with our and to actually I think at fifty dogs out they were sisters. So I got to play with the each of them and I have to take it that funny story because we decided on the one that was the Mel lower of the two. She faked us out. We got her home and she was Psycho. Or over the death of boy she was not like she was. It. At the humane society that again I'm in the process was great on the all. They're all vaccinated before they leave you premises abstract and they get a they're checked by your your best as well. There are fast tracks so there are some animals that may not get a match but doesn't it wants young no identified health problems already stating it would come in those my go directly to adoption inside. Just funny in case there is sun medical. Being associated with this unexpected medical need we do have two week post dot period where you can conduct it some problem was recognized on an honest faster option so. Sonic against giving it to you get black ice. End but the majority on either the charts being leaders and AC adapter then you know or if they have recognized medical care needs and provide news and where to them. Animals the dogs cats where'd that come from I have to come they only strays. From all different pathways so. There are quite a few that come Ministry's most of those are going to be in the north county and Oceanside Escondido because we do hold open contracts in the cities. And nearby cities. I'm also gonna come in through under an englishman so sometimes there's just no need for people 300 animals can't provide. The housing the food that time to care you know what I'm about ninety and talk to situations. And then another way that we can bring in animals is working with our coalition partners we partner with other shelters in San Diego. And windy. Pap needs that are in excess and their resources and reach out to us and we hope them. Sometimes those are behavior cases sometimes than medical cases sometimes it's just for space and we do our best office. And and you mentioned the North County for the for the stray dogs stray cats yet but not at all locations just Escondido Oceanside and how to. Open admissions right now in emissions we have a strict contract with the local area do you accept them abused or neglected animals. We need not only be and it to me except them but we have a whole humane line division. So when you get into talking about an animal abuse or concerns about neglect than you can definitely reach out to our humane line division. And they can give guidance to anybody in the community has questions about about what that means what that is and how it's addressed. Art but sometimes will take those on and provide care and sadly we have had to go to court and keep cases and. Enactment and wanna talk about some of these other. I you do provide again basic medical services and procedures there's lifesaving specialized surgeries that you do as well. Com and again these are just on the of the animals that. House there that are up for adoption this idea the animals have been separated from their families separated from owners by some means some way that top and and then they come into our can't beat. Provide. Whenever that is can eat them you know whatever we really can for them and end their physical therapy to understand. Tunics Immelman needed physical therapy. Some of the time we are working with animals. Interestingly sometimes they're working with the training department of physical therapy we have a adorable little time now is cute story. Secure votes Shalala is seen as you and he actually started his journey a different chapter in San Diego where he'd been hit by car. Who and had multiple breaks to his pelvis and his hips. He came to our care after that shelter had already done some orthopedic surgery on his this office which was amazing it's now. But his care was going to take a little bit longer than naked maintained so he can't art care and he actually saw me to the second surgery. I am which ended up being complicated week outsourced that to a local. Surgeon and and and now he's having physical therapy had a penny to how he's very opinionated about things you. Yeah you'd see it and he does not tease this course rate Houston. Source for quite some time so we're working with her training department CA and get him to walk that we. That we want him to blocking content and then it's that case I believe the term as he had to Wear high heels so funny she's on its feet and can put wheat from the link that he needs to exercise. It's a collaboration. And he's doing well and he's doing now basket. We talked about vaccinations that you have vaccination clinics. How important these vaccinations you know if I were to pick one thing to emphasize that bull. Morning it would be that vaccines really really important and that there's so many animals coming to Canada aren't getting them. And I can attest to speak of that. And mince numbers of animals that are succumbing to it Pargo and Stanford virus that are coming to Turkey are mostly from the north canny about relief from there. Those are really preventable diseases that vaccines work rate the vaccines inexpensive and readily available. But if he don't Saxony against them the dogs hit second most disease can be. In the end the M vaccinations how often do you get desire. I mean let's get notifications about from the county and down rabies then I don't. Hear or see anything about other vaccinations and may be others that nervousness when they don't know about that either. Agree here because of rabies is the main vaccine that's mandated by law for dogs none of the other ones are mandated by. So really it's up to the pet owner to provide that care for their pet and protect them against common and life threatening to ceases. The answer to how often syntax near pet really depends on its lifestyle. And there's a lot of different information and sometimes even conflicting information that's available. Web sites and on line and even sometimes when you talk to your friends or other resources. So if I ever summarize that really quickly you are in parts about that. Are that when there is a young animal. Under about five months of age you're going to need to go any pictures just like he do with young children you know one vaccine does cents per attack right. You have to continue a series vaccines. And how they get through that kind of early childhood days and then after that which is about fortified months of age depending on who you talk to you. Then. It's best producer and a year. And then determine what the lifestyle it is if that animal doesn't go out doesn't meet a lot of other animals you can probably three years and every three switches the same injury besides vaccines that's convenient. But if you're going to dog park you're traveling especially out of the country. Maybe should last year that about fattening our frequent image and animals protected against diseases in what is horrible virus. Part virus is EU really common virus had dots it's a virus. Hasn't been around them are actually need to did I capped by earth in the seventies. And it was devastating because it was a new Paris and so it went through that aren't population in the United States. Really quickly and now it's you'd it was in the world it's in our country's. Part of virus causes. Damage to rapidly dividing cells. And those are most commonly found in the bone marrow and the intestinal track. And so we see can really young dogs is vomiting and diarrhea and the suppression of the immune system because of those important cells are coming from the it's a deadly combination. In them and you mentioned this temper yes what what's that. Distant areas and disease that has been around for a long time and a lot of different species look at it. Luckily not people although people have some viruses that are similar but. The stamper. Will attack neural tissue so the nerds and they'll go through different body systems and talent finally gets to the final. Destination which is the central nervous system. So with a stamp her BC coughing and sneezing. I discharge thinks it just took quite a colder kennel cough as it's often called. And also we'll see ammonia is a war again. Gastrointestinal problems vomiting and diarrhea weight loss and then eventually we sent to seat. Repetitive tea. Said seizures. Sometimes suggests. Muscles not working at that there's this she wants that deceased gets into the central nervous system. And in the vaccinations you're talking about there are vaccinations for December the vaccine for discomfort has been. Around for a long time and it's one of the most reliable vaccines available to dogs. And in no way that would that was another dog I had I believe I had. Come her on her own heart worm medicine. There's an apartment and yes they are really worms fat living your heart really. As disturbing as that is. They are transmitted by mosquitoes. From octagon so. Is it complicated. Life cycle for amount and it does. Require that mosquito vector to transmits. However there's a lot of outdoor activities and hanging out and a lot of our contacts this mosquitoes and we definitely have the mosquitoes stay here and they can transmit the disease. Would be lucky thing is that we're fairly arid environments so we don't have quite as many as maybe the states. Fight for the south you know have quite that Stevenson SPD. We'd see a fairly low prevalence. And it anecdotal screening recently in shelters. It was less than 1% of animals tested out I was very small number Moscow strained. However having said that it's a little prevalent it's. A disease that is easy to prevent and difficult to treat so it's much better to prevent and to try to treat it and are those kind of difficult to treat 2000. It can be very resource intensive. Does it have cargo often will land in the emergency. Clinics for 24 hour care for three different days. And that's probably 35000. Dollars here. And another thing about the San Diego humane society is you've got a what a medical external program we have actually two educational programs which I'm really excited about. One of them is the extreme programming an extra in the veterinary community is a fourth year that students who is. Leaving me academic environments and getting training in clinical setting snow. Fourth year running nastiness from Davis university or western university primarily on the we do have taken. Students from all of the nation international students as well. Will comments and time in our clinic and market our doctors to how to apply that knowledge that they and costing up to the last four years industry. And and you said there's another one another program educational program yes the other really important one is our intention programs on intern and then I community is. It recent graduates and have complete and error doctorate and there'd been an variants could go out and practice. In the state anywhere that they choose to go into an internship program again. A lot of training. It's usually yearlong. Training program. And there aren't very many in shelters across the nation it's our program is unique it's probably one of less than six or so in the nation for training specifically in children. Now I'm not mistaken I think I had heard that. You guys are building new hospital with that. Main campus on games yes. Another really exciting thing for us we have definitely in the last thirteen to fifteen years that we can Martina and hospital. Out granite. After the numbers earlier about how are processing has changed that number animals for serving our surgery capacity is tremendously also. And that is one of the driving forces lean need to provide surgical services for our animals and to our communities that would open up bigger and better hospital it's going to be under. Any idea projected date of when it will be completed well with our construction dates are variable but it's. We're hoping for moving into temporary facility in late February. And being back in our new hospital before. There in the summer. And that this month. November national pet cancer awareness month. Any special. Events going on the we're halfway through the month already. Any other any events going on for the remainder of the month. In in conjunction with with us well Gary not necessarily. In conjunction with cancer awareness on I mean truly. If you go to our web site we help all kinds of training events happening. Every weekend throughout the county. On and we had some passing events like we have a Ponce program and that program. Is really set up to help. Home list as well as on people better shot than to actually keep their animals you know we train keep the animals with those people. So we'll go out into the community in an offer the vaccinations that doctor Mitchell's talking about. Will examine the animals will bring food. You know pet supplies. And again that's something I think that they're looking at do we need in the Escondido area probably after the first of the new year. But not necessarily still this month now but definitely. As I said clinics training I know they're doing. A class. Fair click terrorists you know chaining your cats with clicker this and that something that they offer like once every couple of years. And it's very successful. So as long as we're on the subject of you know brought a national cancer awareness month is there. Anything that pet owners can can do to prevent or minimize. The risk of getting cancer. That's a great crashing Gary and I think then most important thing about cancer is going to be awareness of your parents normal what's normal for your path and when I would encourage people to do is to. When you spend time with your pack you're used to being touched and all over and get used to one month some ups and arm and which ones maybe it's. Similar recommendations are made to us firm on health definitely and you wanna do that problem Leon routine basis maybe eat and monthly just make sure that you feel. All of you know and on the link and the whose ears and around in office in. When you find lumps and bumps it can be alarming rise probably the most important thing is you wanna be aware of what's growing what's changing. I want wasn't there before and marked with your veterinarian on assessing how much of a concern that it is. Certainly our cancer start up small on and get bigger so the sneaking Pakistan. The batter and EC it is going to be to address retreat back and look for options. One of the other really simple things that you can do in sunny San Diego it's provide your animals since. Hannah isn't happening. But especially in light colored dogs can. Gets sunburned and they can get. Skin cancer I'm too much sun exposure. And you can imagine in an can be painful it can also be very difficult to treat especially in stages and what people may not know. You can put some screens here. I'm dog and cat. And it doesn't hurt or anything that they have they have special sunscreen firm for animals there. Missed the same at some point here ever pretty much everything I have I think they probably will Sunday try to regulate yep guess sports type content sunscreens can work. Also just providing shade and keeping them out of this and airing them most intense Tynes is probably really helpful as well. You guys eat you do some fund raising events throughout the year and I know you just recently had a annual fur ball. Any other events coming up because you are nonprofit organizations have fund raising is an important thing Sarah always fundraising. And fun raising two carries a actually. We are coming you know on TV into the year's campaign and that's really I have the but killed two people both our. People who have signed up to receive. Information from us this loss prospects. That campaign is really more digital and in its origin. Pond so people can expect to see a lot of stories coming from us about. Pets. And animals wildlife that had been saved. Because of the great things that doctor Mitchell's talking about you know again we wouldn't be able to provide the medical services. The vaccinations. A lot of the things that we can do far. Prevention as las care if we didn't have generous donors in our community you know in the reaching out to supporting in the hospital that doctor Mitchell's talked about an hour Patrick wildlife expansion. Is only possible through. You know the generosity of donors and if somebody wants to make a donation Canadian data to web site. Absolutely. We won't turn anyone away and we actually have a wish list I mean is different ways that. People can contribute to the society from this wish list there's contributions. There's volunteer opportunities. We have just a couple more minutes left and I did have a question there regarding strains if somebody sees a straight. In their neighborhood can they bring them to you. They cannon they often do as and I would encourage them to do not. It may be the safest ways to get an animal into Ian sheltered and how they can be reunited with their family or their owners or finding new home if that's not possible. So I mean definitely can't however I would caution. A lot of the dogs and that's to our dogs and cats a situation I'm gonna be really careful. And so now make sure nobody is safe he's common sense it's grab a frightened animal because. They just think that you're trying to hurt them and they'll react negatively and that itself. To keep everybody safe he's used caution each lease beaches. If you see injured. Animals don't run up and grab them right away maybe want to put a blanket over them in the evening and and pick them up carefully and await from their maps so that they react painfully and appointed by somebody right. Gary as this missing and they can certainly contact the humane society law enforcement I mean that's why they're there two. Contain animals in a safe way. So thousand anyway that they can just make a phone call. Another thing that people aren't aware of that. Would be nice to point out visit it's it's after hours and you get half and across an engine injured animal a lot of the emergency clinics in San Diego Kenny will work with. The shelters and depending on the jurisdiction or the analysts found. They'll contact shelter directly and sent up overnight care and so okay if you find an animal after hours. And nobody is at the shelter is there than you can usually reach out to local emergency clinic and they. Graciously provides. Service. In if somebody wants to adopt a dog or cat. They can come down to any of the locations for that cracked and Willie and take them back if you find out you take it home it's not quite compatible liking not bring the animal back. Raped after Mitchell analyst with thank you so much for being on the Saturday thank you for all you do at San Diego humane society happy to be. Thank you Gary. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the an account San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. John next week when my guess will be from the united through reading until they have. I'm Jerry Lee had a great week.