SD Moms S1E9: Tired Moms

Friday, March 9th

Amber and Steph were going to write a short synopsis of this podcast episode...but they were just too tired.


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No it's Friday we should not be in. Tired funk but bullet amber and I had bags under our I thought. Why are you tired I am just hit a long and this whole week has been super Iraq. I was so excited baby clear my nine month old baby ten month old baby now finally speaking out through the night. Guess suing it's all a sudden. Scared of bats. My ear hurts look like to have all the sudden this week are waking up at 2 in the morning 4 in the morning. Since he became the doctors to see if there's like any ear infections or anything Alabama I know that's the next couple. It's never ending. I did take my son to the doctor. And everything was fine but then now the ears are hurting after we get home from the actors so some are and no candidate other sleep in a room together they do indeed a week each other up if one makes up beyond forty does that automatically wake up the other line or are they pretty sound sleeper cell and they are sound sleepers. It seems like the three kids have gotten on a scheduled to say hate tonight's your night watney you'll wake up while the other two are sleeping solid. And I don't. Hi I don't. Welcome to the mommy club rein in what does he think he got something figured now and then. Next day completely different but that's not a and my three year old Stella I don't know why she just weeks up in the middle of the night sometimes. Just screaming like she's in a nightmare probably or something. And then she's poking at things of the room like. Just here. That's not a spider. That's the thing you see every single day in your room that has nothing to do with spiders your I go back to hate and honest she's scared yet must honor and of course inept in spite minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Some are ready to me like I wanna go back to slay just for those extra five men or shall learn. And then I try to land. And I just keep myself retired have you heard of any like Q ideas of trying to prevent your kids from being scared and I like I I read somebody would do like on a spray bottle just water and they like you know like biko sprayer whatever it you know stuff like that on to be tried any of that stuff. I have nots because then he worked fine with that all the sudden they were no longer scared bats or months or so later he -- that base at a wanna bring it up again rye and then all of a sudden she's like I'm scared of east because she slept in her bell cut behind. His back. Wait okay you're done with bats your dog monsters we watch Beauty and the Beast. You're dressed up as princess Bally go to sleep that's bell I think you're never a great night's sleep I had nothing that's. He's on the you know I never tried any of those like techniques either that would ensure it was just gonna. Kind of enable and that's sort of behavior are encouraged day now so I never tried it but I've seen some cute ideas. Is that monster spray does seem like a cute idea but I'm on the same. Brain wave as you where I thought maybe become a fund routine and they were they'd winds today and be sprayed the monsters at Miami and I in my other thing added to the list that being the mom has to do before she can even unwind it and I don't think yeah pretty heavy enough on our bedtime routine with the reading of the books. That toothbrush the countdown intently right around in a circle. No potty they're on ads yeah Heidi I need to go potty again months you'd just went I know you're trying to get out of bed some I have to go up to. OK okay. And the one time that I say no to get back in bad of course it may have an accident in their underwear and I got K any appeal their mom Gil. Gag it's only situation that how is your big bad are you a little tired I you know I just. I let a small two bedroom apartment and so I gave the girls one room in the Boise determined to McCouch. Welcome to San Diego. And and so I just died my count is not very comfortable so. I haven't sleeping well yeah. Being. But I think any and you dig it up pull out couch. Yes you know light without as a bad. And I was also can be very uncomfortable still I now on and nothing good idea that enemy aggregate like one of those pillow top earned those memory foam cup Ers went on ahead. I don't now but I just haven't sleeping well and letting out sleeping well I tell us a because I know they say it's no big deal but. You are a very strong mom and such a sweet mounted just think of the kids first like no kids you're gonna get that you're gonna get rooms I'll figure out what I do and when I sleep like. About that do they think inning like well you know later this. On ECB fourth I had. Three older ones in one room and a me in the baby in the other room but then my boys are getting older they're becoming teenagers they're gonna look at prior to cease so this past summer ice separated girls and boys and you know living in San Diego it is incredibly expensive. I camp for three bedroom apartment on hand snow on. I AM was just you know sleep on our turn now I know it's not like a permanent situation and but you know. I know we were talking about could you move but then there's another mommy thing and parenting thing. Your concern is Greek school district's rate now you don't want to uproot them from their districts from their friends he asked so we're kind of stuck in our little area island in the San Carlos area and sound like the I don't move but on it taken away from their friends you know especially being in the middle school stuff it's harder. When you move school districts older I did that as a kid I got moved in middle school in in high school. And that was hard for me. So. I'm assuming it'd be hard for them and I don't wanna make a hard for them so. We're gonna stuck there in like for a console market is just insanely expensive and it's discouraging but down. So the sacrifices that your make you right now is the couch but then. You come up with a silver lining biting a memory foam mattress up that might work out will like couch that as a you know mattress first that would be. Amazing he and I. Your salary all you that was very kind of you to say that it could affect a this is thorough yeah we got uplift each other through those sacrifices we eating another DeLeon and to give encouragement to and give ideas to use of you have any ideas for amber or may make you look up yes I would love to hear your ideas of how my AS sleep situation could be different. So I TV more rested it took just not be. Good point though what could you do I ninth spot about like not in the murky bags that are tightly bill look like a bookshelf and you they come down like. Only that but those are. Thousands of dollars spent and yet we don't think you can't sit at a Saudi outlet near some ideas of yeah because like you said being in San Diego. Week are put in that situation yeah I can't afford to move into with her bedroom hiking and so we're kind of where we are and I'm you know. I'm OK with that but. As tired. Up. On the weekend now you think all you arrest over the we get so Friday night and Saturday night this is that my routine I am falling asleep at the same time the kids are by 9 PM. And then Sunday I get a boost of energy like I think he's seen of Earl will be. No get Tibet staff because you have a very early boarding up Monday. But I think allegedly movie. And here you not able because you gotta get up what time you make up for the morning show I usually get up in the 3 o'clock hour hit snooze a couple time off at us or we give me up again like they've been doing eight boards late and just sleeps that's screaming about monsters and being afraid of the beast putt putt putt up. There at all. Well hopefully he'll get some more arrest over the weekends it is Friday that's the good news and I intensely than at least a get a couple extra hours at that they don't wake you up eight. Fingers crossed expert in our conversation I'm ST amounts that unless the amount hammer and you'll forget leader comments suggestions. And that we'll talk to next week.